Treat Yourself: Our 2023 Vacay Vibes Gift Guide
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When you’re on the move, spending hours on your hair is the last thing on the agenda. Every minute counts, and that’s why efficiency is key.

However, let’s be honest—styled hair adds that final touch, elevating your travel ensemble from ordinary to effortlessly chic. Now, I’m not suggesting you lug your entire hair care arsenal with you or adopt a whole new hair routine on the road. It’s just a gentle nudge to remind you that skipping your hair routine entirely isn’t necessary. Instead, focus on bringing along those essential items. 

Today, we’re diving into our Vacay Vibes Gift Guide 2023—a carefully crafted selection designed to infuse wanderlust into your hair care routine. 

Nothing is worse than having a bad hair day on vacation or forgetting your favorite product at home. Luckily, we’ve compiled a list of the products, so you can be sure to have everything you need for your trip. 

1. Uncle Funky’s Daughter Crystal Clean Travel Kit

Treat Yourself: Our 2023 Vacay Vibes Gift Guide

Bring Uncle Funky’s Daughter’s travel kit along your journey. These are TSA-approved wash day essentials, featuring two invigorating cleansers and two types of nourishing conditioners. The set includes the Squeaky Deep Cleansing Shampoo for promoting healthy hair growth and combating dandruff and the gentle yet effective Rich & Funky Moisturizing Shampoo that cleanses without stripping moisture.

Indulge in the nurturing Richee Rich Moisturizing Conditioner and the restorative Heal & Renew for conditioning. This comprehensive set ensures your hair care routine remains seamless and effective, providing the perfect foundation for your travels with vibrant, well-moisturized curls wherever your adventures take you.

2. Kinder Curls Travel Pack

Treat Yourself: Our 2023 Vacay Vibes Gift Guide

Don’t overlook the little ones—opt for the Kinder Curls Travel Pack. This complete care solution includes Magic Mist Detangler, Super Curls Styler, and Creamy Curls Hair Moisturizer, ensuring effective frizz control, long-lasting styling, and suitability for all curl types. 

Perfect for travel, swimming, camping, and more, these water-based, silicone-free products are pH balanced, leaving no product build-up, and are free from SLS, dyes, and phthalates. A thoughtful and comprehensive choice for your little travelers.

3. SwirlyCurly Black Velvet Bonnet

Treat Yourself: Our 2023 Vacay Vibes Gift Guide

Don’t forget about this essential—sleeping hair bonnet! This satin-lined nighttime bonnet comes with a complimentary travel bag. Enjoy the perfect fit with no slippage, thanks to its adjustable size. It’s the only bonnet you’ll ever need, backed by a lifetime warranty! It’s your time-saving solution for maintaining moisturized and styled curls, promoting healthy hair growth while you sleep.

4. Tea Tree Styling Gel

Treat Yourself: Our 2023 Vacay Vibes Gift Guide

This grooming essential is perfect for men and an ideal travel companion. This versatile gel creates body and shine with a medium hold and remains flexible, steering clear of any stickiness or stiffness. Post-drying allows for effortless combing without the risk of hair yanking. Beyond its styling prowess, it’s the perfect addition to your travel kit—vegan, paraben-free, and gluten-free.

5. AQUIS Hair Turban Waffle Luxe

Treat Yourself: Our 2023 Vacay Vibes Gift Guide

While many accommodations overlook hair-specific towels, the Aquis hair turban fills this void as an essential travel companion. Crafted from ultra-fine fibers, this lightweight turban excels in superior water-wicking capabilities, facilitating a swift and gentle drying process that minimizes frizz and safeguards against damage. Tailored for thick, coarse, and porous hair, it’s especially ideal for those with shorter to shoulder-length hair.

6. Satin Pillowcase

Treat Yourself: Our 2023 Vacay Vibes Gift Guide

As a frequent traveler who has yet to encounter a hotel, Airbnb, or similar accommodation providing satin or silk pillowcases, I’ve always made it a personal practice to bring my own, and the Adama white satin pillowcase stands out as a travel essential.

Traditional pillowcases, even the softest ones, contribute to waking up with tangled, frizzy hair, leading to potential split ends and breakage. This pillowcase addresses this concern, offering a smooth surface for your hair, making it an indispensable companion for all hair types during your travels.

7. Conair Travel Sized Toiletries

Treat Yourself: Our 2023 Vacay Vibes Gift Guide

This practical solution for travelers provides thirteen acrylic bottles in various shapes and sizes, perfect for packing hair products and other toiletries while adhering to TSA standards. This set includes a range of containers, from spray bottles to cream jars, ensuring secure and compliant storage during flights. The added benefit of an approved clear 1-quart zip-lock pouch is that it allows TSA to identify contents without needing removal, making it a convenient and efficient choice for hassle-free travel.

8. Sun Bum Protecting Anti-Frizz Oil Mist

Treat Yourself: Our 2023 Vacay Vibes Gift Guide

Sun Bum’s oil is a travel essential for combating frizz and shielding hair from the elements. Utilizing kukui nut oil and tamanu oil in a lightweight spray, it absorbs quickly, offering a protective barrier against humidity and enhancing the natural shine of all hair types. With its fine mist and quick absorption, this spray keeps your hair soft and healthy and ensures it stays frizz-free and protected, making it an excellent choice for on-the-go hair care during your travels.

9. Collapsible Hair Diffuser

Treat Yourself: Our 2023 Vacay Vibes Gift Guide

For stress-free styling on the go, consider this travel-friendly, collapsible diffuser attachment—a perfect solution for both guys, girls, and kiddos. Save precious luggage space and weight and skip the hassle of bringing your bulky dryer attachment. Most accommodations offer basic hair dryers, allowing you to quickly achieve the same or similar results, making it a convenient and efficient travel choice.

10. SAPHUS Bar Shampoo and Conditioner Bar

Treat Yourself: Our 2023 Vacay Vibes Gift Guide

Travel light and eco-friendly with the SAPHUS Bar Shampoo and Conditioner Bar—an ideal choice for guys and girls. Formulated with argan oil and other natural ingredients, these bars are perfect for dry, damaged, and color-treated hair, offering nourishment and strength from root to tip while balancing the pH in your scalp. Skip the hassle of lugging around liquids by tossing these convenient bars into your suitcase, making them a must-have for easy and eco-conscious travel in a carry-on.

11. Godiva Swim Turban

Treat Yourself: Our 2023 Vacay Vibes Gift Guide

This a much-needed travel accessory if you plan on swimming while vacationing. It is a patent-pending turban that combines fashion and function. Ideal for both adults and kids, the double-lip lined turban with stretch silicone lining ensures a better seal, keeping your style intact, while the lightweight lycra shell is quick-drying. It offers unparalleled protection from the harsh effects of water, making it a must-have for your aquatic travels.

12. Olaplex Strong Start Hair Kit 

Treat Yourself: Our 2023 Vacay Vibes Gift Guide

Meet your hair’s savior for vacation mishaps—the Olaplex Strong Start Hair Kit, an essential travel companion. Whether your hair is damaged from swimming or prolonged sun exposure, this kit has you covered. 

Featuring No.4 and No.5 for hydration and softening, No.6 for 72-hour frizz control, No.7 for maximum shine, and No.3 for repairing and strengthening hair, it’s your comprehensive solution to revive and protect your locks during your extended getaway.

13. Kitsch Hair Emergency Kit

Treat Yourself: Our 2023 Vacay Vibes Gift Guide

The Kitsch Hair Emergency Kit is an essential travel companion, providing a swift solution for on-the-go hair needs. Why? Whether you’re dealing with a last-minute hair emergency or just aiming to keep your hair neat, this kit covers you without needing to pack a separate brush and comb. Complete with a convenient 2-in-1 hairbrush comb, one scrunchie, 20 no-snag elastic hair ties, and ten bobby pins, it offers the perfect solution to elevate your look on the go, ensuring your hair looks its best wherever your travels take you.

14. Spray Bottle

Treat Yourself: Our 2023 Vacay Vibes Gift Guide

Every curly head needs a spray bottle to keep your curls hydrated. Additionally, use it as a time-saving tool to restyle your curls without the need to thoroughly wet and redo your hair, adding convenience to your travel routine.

15. Satin Scarf

Treat Yourself: Our 2023 Vacay Vibes Gift Guide

The LuxStretch Satin Scarf is essential for your travels, providing protection, styling versatility, and an effortless solution for indecisive hair days. The large triangular shape makes it perfect for various styling options, such as “pineappling” your curls, wrapping your blowout, handling “bad hair” days, and laying down edges. It’s also great for the flight to protect your hair against varying temperatures and conditions.

Whether dealing with chilly air-conditioning during flights or combating the cold during fall and winter journeys, this satin scarf ensures your hair stays comfortable and stylish throughout your travel adventures.

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