Well, summer is coming to an end. No more late nights and even later mornings. Yep, it’s time for back to school! And I am going to help you start the school year off right. Keep reading for the best product recommendations, as well as my quick styling tips, and a link to some upcoming sales for all of the hair products your child’s bathroom could hold.

As a salon owner and professional stylist, it seems like every parent always wants to know, “What products should I buy?” and “What styles will last?” My answer: this totally depends on your child’s hair type.

Check out my product recommendations for curly, coily and wavy kids, based on curl pattern.


Products for Type 2 Wavy Hair

Shampoos for Wavy Hair

Conditioners for Wavy Hair

Leave-in Conditioners for Wavy Hair

Styling Products for Wavy Hair

Simple, fast back-to-school styling tips

1. Shampoo-and-go

Distribute product through the hair evenly (with either your fingers or Denman Brush“>. Bend your head down and scrunch out excess moisture using a microfiber towel or a cotton T-shirt. You can diffuse if you would like.

2. Do not ponytail wet/damp hair

Allow your hair to fully dry before pulling it back into a ponytail or updo style (leads to more options on Day 2″>. I personally do not diffuse but if you need your child’s hair to dry before gym class waking up a little earlier, diffusing may speed up the drying process. Once hair is mostly dry, softly finger comb back into a ponytail. Remember touse soft ponytail holders.

3. Braid for more defined waves

Follow step 2 up to the drying process and then braid. You may also braid from a wet state to give you more defined waves on Day 2.

Products for Type 3 Curly Hair

Shampoos for Curly Hair

Conditioners for Curly Hair

Leave-in Conditioners for Curly Hair

Styling Products for Curly Hair

Type 4 Coily Hair

Shampoos for Coily Hair

Conditioners for Coily Hair

Leave-in Conditioners for Coily Hair

Styling Products for Coily Hair

Simple, fast back-to-school styling tips

1. Shampoo-and-go

Divide your child’s hair into 4 or more sections. You want to make sure sections are small enough to evenly distribute product through the hair (with fingers or Denman style brush”>.To give 4c hair a defined pattern finger, styling is the way to go. If you want to dry the hair quickly or enhance certain areas, scrunch out excess moisture using a microfiber towel or t-shirt. You can diffuse to speed up drying time.

2. Braid-and-twist

This style can be done on dry or wet hair. Caution, be careful not to put too much tension on your child’s edges. You can do this on wet hair by detangling then applying product — andremembernot toput too much tension on your child’s hair. Keep in mind that wet hair stretches, so treat it with care. Proceed with styling. If you want to create this styleon dry hair,apply product thenblow dry on a low heat setting. You may also choose to stretchtheir dryhair. Stretch-dry-wrap several loose twist around the head, like a doobie wrap, and allow hair to fully dry. Proceed with styling.

3. Puff ponytails

This cute style looks best on detangled coils, followed by product applictionand smoothed edges back. You may alsoleave them totally natural (but moisturized“>. There are quite a few DIY videos on how to achieve amazing puffs. Just remember that too much tension may lead to thin edges so don’t pull tight.

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