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It is a brand new world out there for the curly girl who wants to get a trim or a cut at a salon. The horror stories are plentiful and horrendous and quite often mirror a horror film with sharp shears, scary cuts, and tears. With recent years, curly professional hairstylists have emerged to bring smiles and gorgeous cuts. 

Despite the number of professional hairstylists available, many curly girls are still leery and want to be knowledgeable about what the hairstylist needs to know, so they get the amazing cut or trim they desire. July.Young from our Curly Q&A asks about the proper way to get a trim.


How should I wear my hair when I go to get it trimmed? Wet or dry?


Many are still wondering if they should get a haircut with their curls in its natural state or straightened, and while many opt for curly, knowing if hair should be wet as opposed to dry is something that needs addressing. It depends on the type of cut you are getting and that depends on the stylist and how they were trained. Here are some tips from the most popular three curly girl cuts we are seeing.

The DevaCut (dry hair”>

This cut is optimal for the avid wash and goer like me and I absolutely love this cut. The cut is done on dry hair then the cleansing, conditioning, and styling follows to see if additional cutting is necessary. It is customized to work with your own unique curl pattern and requires special training to learn. The focus is sculpting each and every curl, cutting at an angle so the curl pattern is not disrupted. They cut each curl ringlet by ringlet and there is never any texturizing or thinning. Each and every cut is customized for the client.

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The Ouidad Cut (wet hair”>

The Ouidad Carving & Slicing cut removes the bulk many curlies have and hate: that pyramid or Christmas tree look. Many (ones with much thicker hair than mine”> find this cut helpful at de-bulking and enhancing their curls. This cut is done on wet hair and the Ouidad certified stylist has undergone rigorous training to master this technique.

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The RI CI cut (wet hair”>

From wavy to coily this cut can be for any curly girl. This cut is designed to help control the curls by opening up the interior to make room for each and every curl, coil, or wave. The focus is on the weight and density of the hair instead of the curl pattern. They approach each section individually and cut only where they need to.

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The takeaway

Once you have found the perfect stylist ask which cut they have been trained in and make sure to book a consultation so they can determine what you want and what your hair requires. What technique they choose will determine whether a wet or dry cut is necessary for you. It is not standard

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