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If you’re someone who loves shopping for accessories, as you’re out looking for a new pair of boots or an oversized tote (which is really big this fall season, by the way), don’t forget to also pick up a few fall-themed hair accessories too.

Although I’m pretty much a scarf and hat girl myself, I must admit that since I now have some extra length on my head, as I was compiling a list of 2019/2020 fall and winter hair accessories, there are a few that caught my eye. I think it’s because this year, there is such a wide variety that complements so many different personalities and style preferences. Plus, whether it’s at a store like Target or hopping online on Etsy, you are sure to find most of these at a super affordable cost too.

So, are you ready to adorn your natural curls in some of the most adorable ways? If so, we got you.

1. Bucket Hats

As an avid hat fan, I smiled when I saw that this is a current hair accessory trend. If you’re wondering what the heck that is, think back to old school hip-hop wear. A bucket hat is what a Kangol looks like; the kind of hat that rappers like LL Cool J made popular back in the day. I like them because they are the perfect solution to a bad hair day. They cover up your entire head so that no one has to know when you’re wearing them out of pure desire or total necessity.

2. Headbands

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4. Leather Berets

Berets are always cute to me because they are the type of hat that you can dress up or down; especially based on the kind of material that they are made out of. If you want to be soft and feminine, look for one that is made out of cashmere. If you’d prefer to be a little edgy, you’re in luck because leather berets are all the rage. They’re really dope with a graphic tee, a pair of your favorite jeans and a blazer.

5. Crystal Gemstone Accessories

Another cool fall hair accessory are crystals. What I personally like about this trend is you can get crystals that represent different things. For instance, agate symbolizes balance while goldstone represents optimism. Whatever crystal that you choose can radiate that kind energy throughout your body, literally from head to toe. (You can read up more on crystals and their symbolism here.)

6. Bows

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Itrsquo;m pretty sure you’ve got a baby picture of your somewhere with a bow in your hair. I think it’s safe to say that if there is a signature hair accessory for girls and women alike, bows would have to be it. Also, it’s one of the most popular fall hair accessory trends this year. What I like about this particular accessory is you don’t really have to go “bow shopping”. You can simply go to a local arts and crafts store and pick up some ribbon and tie it into a bow around your head, your braids or a ponytail. If you’re wondering what colors are on-trend this year, some of them include cranberry, burnt orange, light brown, butterscotch and “guacamole green”.

7. Leopard Print Accessories

If you’re super fond of leopard print and there’s a part of you that’s always wondered why, maybe it’s because of what it symbolizes. From what I’ve researched, leopard print is all about sophistication and luxury. This fall season, the one place where you’re going to see this print a lot is on headscarves, hair clips, headbands and pretty much every other type of hair accessory that you can possibly think of.

8. Customized Hairpins

Do you like to make a statement without saying a word? If so, you’ll totally love this next fall hair accessory trend. Actually, this is something that I’ve been seeing all of 2019. It’s hairpins that are customized into words like “periodt”, “babe” and “glam” (for starters). I think what I like the most about this particular accessory is there are plenty of people who are willing to customize them to say whatever you wish. You can find some of these merchants by hopping on Etsy and putting “word hairpins” in the search field.

9. Floral Accessories

Some of my favorite high fashion photographs are when there are contrasting looks in them. You know, like a woman in a wedding dress who’s standing in a grocery store or an abandoned warehouse. Anyway, this is what immediately came to mind when I saw that floral hair accessories are all the rage this fall. While the leaves are turning colors and falling off of trees and temperatures are dropping, you can be like a breath of fresh spring air whenever you wear floral combs, hairpins or barrettes in your hair.

10. Scrunchies

Image Source: @fullmoongreetings

They say that nothing is new under the sun. They also say that when it comes to fashion that everything comes full circle. Since scrunchies (of all things, y’all) are making a comeback, clearly that is the case. Although I’m not the biggest fan of ‘em, I do see a silver lining with them being on trend. If you’re trying to add some length to your hair and you’re able to pull your tresses back in one of these 80s throwbacks, at least that means you are hittin’ your hair growth goals, right? Exactly.

What are your favorite fall accessories? Share them with us in the comments!