It’s no secret that curly hair and the natural hair movement has officially taken the fashion world by storm. We see curls confidently worn on the red carpet, commercials, runways and magazine covers, and the sense of self-acceptance and individuality that it brings forth is immensely refreshing.

But, truthfully, just because we’re loving our natural curls, coils, and waves, doesn’t mean that we’re required to abandon sleek and glossy strands completely (unless you want to, of course). There are a ton of styling options to choose from with blowouts, especially if you’re interested in adding texture (curls or waves)--and it can really add a bit of zest to your overall look if you’ve been bored lately. Plus, your straightened ‘do can last up to a week or longer, provided you take the right steps to keep it looking fresh (sleeping on a silk pillowcase, putting your hair in a ponytail/bun during physical activities, etc).

As long as you’re bringing some heat protectant along for the ride and you avoid using heat too often, you can experiment with a voluminously fluffy blown out look, or a shiny pin-straight style, and still come back to healthy curls on wash day. If you’re ready to make the switch, ahead are 10 super silky styles that will give you all your blowout goals for 2020.

1. Image Source: @dereqc


The wavy, asymmetrical razor cut bob is super trendy and is a perfect style for a blowout. Not to mention the honeyed balayage color pulls it all together nicely. If you’re interested in this look, be sure to book an appointment with Dereq C.

2. Image Source: @salonpk

Chances are, you don’t ever want your hair to fall flat. Even with straight hair, you can still enjoy the volume you know and love with large, full-on glam curls.

3. Image Source: @lipstickncurls

For curlies seeking an extremely polished look, but still want the body add curls to the ends for movement and texture.

4. Image Source: @joyjah

One thing straight hair is perfect for, is long high ponytails a la Ariana Grande. Joyjah’s bedazzled and laid baby hairs are just the icing on the cake.

5. Image Source: @tylauren

When you’re craving length, extensions can really take your blowout up a few notches. Tyla did her own clip-in extensions.

6. Image Source: @theesperanzamaria

There’s something so satisfying about a voluminous blowout. When you want to get the most out of your blowout, add pin curls for maximum definition and volume.

7. Image Source: @carijayy

Can we say hair goals? Wow! From the color to the silky smooth blowout, this is a gorgeous blowout that is slaying.

8. Image Source: @atlhairbyholly

Nothing beats healthy hair and we love to see it. This silk press is so sleek and voluminous, the bob is forever classic.

9. Image Source: @lyasiainthecity

This simple and sultry look is giving so much body and volume!

10. Image Source: @sullyg_

If you’re not feeling committed to a full-on ponytail, the half-up half-down style is here for you. Don’t forget to wrap a piece around the base to hide the elastic, and pull to secure the ponytail tightly and for added volume.

Are you thinking about a blowout for your next style choice? Let us know which cut/style you’re going for in the comments below.