I stopped getting my hair relaxed in 10th grade, and ever since, I’ve been making strides in both literal growth and growth in my curl treatment techniques!

But despite years of experience, which ironically includes doing work for NaturallyCurly itself, I still have some ‘Needs improvement’-rated issues that plague me. So I thought I’d share!

Mediocrity loves company after all…...

Parting my hair

I know there’s a rat-tail comb somewhere in the house, but even when I can manage to not hide it from myself, straight parts are difficult for me.

Every time I’m putting in my box braids, I always manage to get one section inside of a section it’s not supposed to be in, and then it hurts, and everything is terrible, because separating my hair from my other hair is a trial.

But trials make us stronger, and even though I’m still unarguably not great? I’ve gotten much better. I refuse to get better at this next one though.

Getting trims

I will literally never get my hair trimmed. Next topic.

Just kidding, I can never not elaborate on things. Like most of us, I’ve gotten the “trim” that was just the stylist whacking off 7 inches of hair and insisting it was all broken. The only person I’ve let go near my hair with scissors since “The Incident” is my mother, and I’m not comfortable having it any other way.

I always hear that it’s massively unhealthy, and unproductive, and that I may as well just go set my hair on fire, but bottom line is I can’t face the shears again.

Maybe we can see about DIYing it someday. Until then, I prefer to ‘cut out’ the snipping.

Putting my hair up at night

I talk a good game on how I’m about that nap life, but the reality is I just have sleep issues. And those issues get compounded when I need to do my hair as one of the last things for the night (which can start as early as 6PM on the days when it gets weird). Those extra 10-20 minutes of spraying, combing, buttering, and braiding wake me back up like nothing else!

If I’m being honest, I’m sure it’s a symptom, not a cause, causing knots when I decide ‘Forget it’ and plunk down to sleep with my hair out. And of course, in addition to forcing me into the bun of shame the next day, the inevitable hard-mode detangling leads to breakage.

I don’t love the ‘snapped ends confetti’ that I get after I decide to be bad, so thus far the best solution has been just not…

Taking out protective styles

I’ve talked about this before, so I won’t dwell too much, but I’m still working on taking down my braids before it starts getting sad.

I’m still good with keeping my hair healthy under all the kanekelon, but as far as maintaining sleek looks and deep cleansing, we’re in construction mode.

Trying different styles

There are SO. Many ways. To do our natural hair. I do maybe 5 of them at any time, and I’m actually pretty disappointed. I’m a very non-morning person, and if I’m at work wearing eyeshadow and liner it means I actually got enough sleep. So hair is almost always in a braid out, or a simple half up half down deal with my box braids.

I couldn’t tell you why I stay in my comfort zone even when I have plenty of time to prepare a more elaborate look, but of all of my curly girl sins, I’m hoping to eliminate this one first.

Time will tell.

What am I doing then?

If I know I’ve been bad at this stuff for over a decade, what’s my deal exactly? Why isn’t it better? Why aren’t I done?

I’ve asked myself the same questions, believe me. About my hair, and about other things in life. And what I’m doing is: I’m trying.

Things are getting better! My fro is full and fluffy, I’m gaining inches, and I look cute more days than I don’t. That’s real progress.

And if you’re anywhere near where I am, or any less developed, you can make progress too! We all can.

Is there anything you’re still improving on your curls and coils? Let us know in the comments! It’s a safe place to share.