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Did you know what you have a whopping five million pores on your body? Out of all of those, 20,000 are on your face alone. As far as your scalp goes, there are also approximately 100,000 hair follicles on too. Knowing about these numbers is what inspired me to pen this particular piece because, the reality is that, the key to having healthy skin and hair is to take care of our pores and hair follicles. That begins by making sure that they do not get clogged up with sebum and debris and that they stay hydrated and nourished.

A way that you can accomplish both of these goals at the same time is making your own spritz—the kind that will be just as beneficial for your hair and your skin.

Spritzes are awesome because they are easy to make, portable to carry (you can put a 4 oz bottle in your purse) and super refreshing with each spray. All you need to do is set aside an hour or so to make a quick run to your local health food store (or you can order what you need on Amazon, if you’d prefer). Before you know it, you’ll have a great way to pamper your skin…right in the palm of your hand.

7 Wonderful DIY Hair and Skin Spritz Recipes

Witch Hazel and Lavender Oil

Something that I really like about witch hazel is even though it has so many powerful medicinal properties in it, it goes on very gently and doesn’t dry out or irritate my skin. Between the antioxidants, gallic acid and tannins (which are basically anti-inflammatories) that it contains, witch hazel is great at treating acne, removing scalp flakes and soothing your skin overall. If you add to it, a few drops of lavender essential oil, the lavender will kill harmful bacteria and relieve any irritation that your scalp or skin may feel without drying it out in the process.

Fill your bottle halfway with witch hazel, add 3-5 teaspoons of distilled water and 10 drops of lavender oil.

Rosewater and Aloe Vera Juice

First of all, rosewater smells good. It’s very soft and feminine. But that really is the icing on the cake when it comes to all of the goodness that it is able to bring to your skin and hair. On the skin tip, rosewater helps to keep your skin from over-producing sebum (oil) while maintaining its pH balance. Rosewater also has the ability to slow down the aging process, thanks to all of the antioxidants that it contains; some have even said that it has reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. At the same time, rosewater is good for your hair because it’s a wonderfully light hair conditioner and, applying it to your scalp can help to get rid of any dandruff. Aloe Vera juice is able to relieve dry skin, heal scars and, thanks to the vitamin C, E and beta carotene that’s in it, this juice is also able to keep your skin fresh, youthful and glowing. Also, due to the proteolytic enzymes that Aloe Vera juice contains, your hair will be deeply conditioned as the enzymes repair the dead skin cells that are on your scalp.

Mix one-part rosewater with one-part Aloe Vera juice in your bottle. Store in a cool dry place.

Chamomile Tea and Coconut Water

The next time that you decide to make yourself a cup of chamomile tea (an ultimate de-stressor and a great remedy for period cramps, by the way), let one more cup of it cool so that you can turn it into another kind of natural beauty spritz. Chamomile is awesome because its anti-inflammatory, analgesic and antispasmodic properties help to heal psoriasis and eczema. Also, the antioxidants in it can even out any skin discoloration that you may have over time. Chamomile even has a great reputation for reducing the appearance of dark circles. Hair-wise, chamomile tea promotes a healthy scalp by reducing inflammation and helping to keep hair follicles clear. Coconut water offers amazing hydration to skin and hair. And, because it’s such a great moisturizer, a lot of people like it because it reduces hair breakage over time.

Pour one-part cool chamomile tea and one-part coconut water into your bottle.

Side note: For the following spritzes, because the recipes call for a blend of two oils, it’s good to fill your bottle up halfway with distilled water and the other half with one-part one oil and one-part the other. That way, the oils will be diluted and will have a lighter feel on your skin. Also, if you want to a couple of drops of essential oil to these recipes, pomegranate (for the collagen boost), geranium (to keep your scalp healthy), tea tree oil (it smells strong but it’s a powerful antiseptic), bergamot (it encourages hair growth) and/or eucalyptus (it treats acne and strengthens hair follicles) are all great DIY spritz additions.

Grapeseed Oil and Jasmine Oil

One of the best things that you could ever do for your hair and skin, is to put a little bit of grapeseed oil on it! Since it’s the kind of oil that is literally extracted from the seeds of wine grapes, grapeseed oil has a ton of antioxidants in it. The linoleic acid that it contains will help your pores from getting clogged up, the proanthrocyanidin its got will protect your skin from UV rays, and its fatty acids and Vitamin E will moisturize your skin, reduce the appearance of fine lines and lessen any inflammation that your skin may have. Hair-wise, grapeseed oil is able to deeply condition your hair and lock in moisture without making your tresses feeling greasy in the process. Jasmine oil contains properties that will help to prevent skin infections. It also is wonderful when it comes to treating dry skin, sensitive skin and reducing the appearance of scars; especially acne scars. If you put a little jasmine oil on your hair, it will remove tangles, get rid of dandruff and even add a hint of sheen. We wrote more reasons why we love jasmine oil here.

Marula Oil and Myrrh Oil

If you’ve never heard of marula oil before, hopefully this will convince you to give it a shot! Between the monounsaturated fatty acids and Vitamin C it has, plus its antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory properties, along with its ability to regenerate cells, you can see why I absolutely had to add it to this DIY spritz list! This is the kind of oil that deeply penetrates your skin to make it uber-soft. It also reduces the appearance of stretch marks (if you happen to want to make an all-over spritz) and, at the same time, thanks to the oleic acid that it contains, marula oil won’t cause breakouts. Marula oil is also good for your hair because it’s able to protect it from UV ray damage while significantly reducing the amount of frizz that you may have. And myrrh? Its astringent properties will remove irritants from your skin and scalp. It will also heal any small sores that you may have while killing acne-causing bacteria on contact.

Camellia Seed Oil and Pink Grapefruit Oil

Another name for camellia seed oil is tea seed oil (not to be confused with tea tree oil). It’s awesome because it’s got everything from 80 percent oleic acid to Vitamin E, calcium, potassium and more. If you tend to have dry patches on your skin, this is the kind of oil that will hydrate and lock moisture in. And your hair? Camellia seed oil is praised for strengthening strands, preventing breakage and split ends too. Add to this some pink grapefruit oil so that it can keep greasiness on your skin and hair at bay and remove any bacteria while increasing blood circulation to your hair follicles.

Palma Rosa Oil and Lemon Balm Oil

Palma Rosa oil is another kind of oil that doesn’t nearly get as many of the props as it deserves. Although it smells a lot like rose oil, it has many more medicinal properties than rose oil does. It’s great at healing skin and scalp infections while also helping your skin and hair to retain its proper moisture balance at the same time. Meanwhile, lemon balm oil contains eugenol to protect your skin’s cells, humulene to reduce any inflammation on your skin and scalp and linalool to encourage the production of Vitamin E in your system. Skin that has Vitamin E on it looks younger and hair that has Vitamin E in it feels soften and looks much healthier. Another oil combo that can easily turn into a hair and skin-affirming DIY spritz!

If you try one, let us know! And share any recipes you have with us in the comments as well!