A couple of days ago, I decided to rock a blowout. After spending almost all of the summer season in some really cute medium-sized box braids, y’all couldn’t tell me that those braids didn’t help my hair to grow, mostly because I am a self-professed constant-hands-in-hair kind of person and my braids kept me from manipulating my tresses. Anyway, as I looked at the length that I had accumulated, I knew that now, more than ever, it was a good time to keep going on the hair-growing tip.

Before getting into all of the reasons why the fall season is a great time to capitalize on gaining a few inches of hair growth, let me say that if you sported a short coif to combat the summer heat but now you’re on the fence about whether or not to grow your hair out, I am a firm believer that autumn is one of the best times to do it. No doubt about it—the cool air and holiday season make it the perfect time to do so. Here’s why.

Here's Why Fall is the Perfect Time to Grow out Your Hair

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1. All-day deep conditioning is a cinch to do

It’s no secret that I am a huge fan of Chebe powder. Something that I noticed has made a huge difference in the health of my hair is mixing some Chebe with my deep conditioner, putting on a plastic bag (and then a scarf), and letting the conditioner penetrate my hair overnight. Talk about having some beautifully soft-yet-strong hair! If you want to avoid the sounds of the bag crinkling throughout the night, you can also deep condition your hair during the day.

Wash and apply your favorite deep conditioner, put on a plastic bag, and wrap your hair up in your favorite “scarf style.” Daytime fall weather is (typically) the ideal temperature to not worry about catching a cold. Plus, since you’ll probably be sporting scarves and hats more often, it’s a great time to give your tresses the moisture that they need without anyone having to know that deep conditioning is what you’re doing.

2. You can cover your hair up more often

Here's Why Fall is the Perfect Time to Grow out Your Hair
Image Source: @anniegoukcurlygirl

If most of us were to admit what the leading cause of our own hair breakage was, we’d probably have to say it’s how much we manipulate it. Well, as it gets cooler, use this as an opportunity to wear more scarves, hats, wigs, and weaves. You’ll be super-stylish, and your hair won’t have to deal with the stress of your hands constantly playing with it. Just make sure that you keep your hair super moisturized underneath; constantly covering your hair up can dry it out if you are not careful.

3. Protective styles are ideal

Here's Why Fall is the Perfect Time to Grow out Your Hair
Image Source: @sodazzling

Honestly, there’s not ever a time of year when protective styles aren’t ideal. But I find the holiday season to be when it’s fun to take risks. Why not try a new color, go with a funkier look, and investigate what protective styles will be big in the upcoming year? Since our hair tends to grow about ½” a month, a protective style during the fall and winter could easily earn you three new inches come springtime.

4. The more nutrients, the healthier the follicles

C’mon. One of the best things about fall is all of the good food that’s in season and all of the home cooking that we get to enjoy right around the holidays. The key is to prepare them healthily and to enjoy foods without overdoing them. If you want to provide your hair follicles with the nutrients that they need to increase blood circulation, moisturize your scalp, and trigger hair growth, make sure to eat the following in-season fruits ‘n veggies—sweet potatoes, apples, red grapes, arugula, cabbage, figs, persimmons, pears, winter squash and, of course, pumpkins.

5. The more hair you have, the warmer your head will be

For years, I rocked a TWA (Teeny Weeny Afro) all year round. And while I certainly have no regrets, I must admit that it’s a lot warmer this fall, all thanks to the extra inches on top of my head. In times past, I had to rely on a hat to get through the chilly days. Now, my curly hair has me covered. Literally.

6. You’ll be in a “resolutions” state of mind

Other than our birthdays, there’s no greater time for self-evaluation than the end of the year. As you’re reflecting on all of the things you want to do differently and the goals that you want to achieve, why not put “growing out my hair” on your resolution list? If you put a plan in place and remain consistent, you might be amazed by what your hair looks like this time next year—full, healthy, and long. All thanks to the choices that you made this fall.

What are some of your favorite reasons for growing out your hair in the Fall? Let us know in the comments below!

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