With so many curl products on the market these days, you know a product really works when you finish the whole bottle and buy it again, and again, and again.

![top-selling-curl-products]NaturallyCurlys 22 Most Purchased Products of 2022

These are the products that the SHOPNaturallyCurly community purchased (and re-purchased”> the most in 2022. From must-have hair tools to multi-tasking stylers and cleansers that won’t strip your curls dry, these are the hard-working products that got the job done.

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![hair-remedie-hair-towel]NaturallyCurlys 22 Most Purchased Products of 2022

22. Hair Remedie Frizz Eliminating Towel 

Have you ever used a microfiber towel that was simply too small for your long or thick hair? Same. Well the Hair Remedie towel is a generous 39 inches across and 25 inches wide, and its multi-layer, patent-pending design helps faster without the frizz or damage.

![mane-choice-peach-shampoo]NaturallyCurlys 22 Most Purchased Products of 2022

21. The Mane Choice Peach Black Tea & Vitamin Fusion Anti-Shedding & Intense Volume Therapy Shampoo

If you’ve been wondering “is it normal to shed this much hair in the shower?” then you may be interested in this anti-shedding cleanser. It cleanses the hair and scalp without stripping it, and was formulated to promote scalp health. 

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![Kaleidoscope-Miracle-Drops.jpg]NaturallyCurlys 22 Most Purchased Products of 2022

20. Kaleidoscope Miracle Drops

Kaleidoscope Hair Products was one of the most talked-about brands of 2022, and their best seller is the Miracle Drops. This hair oil is formulated to combat dry scalp and aid in hair growth. 

![camillerose-coconut-water]NaturallyCurlys 22 Most Purchased Products of 2022

19. Camille Rose Naturals Coconut Water Style Setter 

If you’re not familiar with Camille Rose, it’s time to acquaint yourself with this must-know brand. It appears no less than three times on this list. This Coconut Water Style Setter is a moisturizing styler that can be used on twist outs, wash n go’s, roller sets, and more.

![camille-rose-almond-jai-twisting-butter]NaturallyCurlys 22 Most Purchased Products of 2022

18. Camille Rose Naturals Almond Jai Twisting Butter

Camille Rose Naturals once again with a Twisting Butter that has won NaturallyCurly’s community-voted Best of the Best Awards multiple years in a row. 

![ag-beach-bomb]NaturallyCurlys 22 Most Purchased Products of 2022

17. AG Hair Beach Bomb Tousled Texture 

It’s not always easy to find styling products that will give Type 2 Waves hold and definition without weighing them down. This Beach Bomb does the trick, making it a NaturallyCurly Editors’ Choice Award winner. 

![aunt-jackies-dont-shrink]NaturallyCurlys 22 Most Purchased Products of 2022

16. Aunt Jackie’s Curls & Coils Don’t Shrink Flaxseed Elongating Curling Gel 

Flaxseed is a star ingredient for DIY naturals, but if you’re not the DIY gel type then this Flaxseed Elongating Curling Gel is the styler for you. 

![curl-junkie-curl-queen]NaturallyCurlys 22 Most Purchased Products of 2022

15. Curl Junkie Curl Queen Leave-In Conditioner

Moisturizing and lightweight is a much sought after combination in curl products, and this water-based leave-in conditioner ticks the boxes. 

![darshana-hair-oil]NaturallyCurlys 22 Most Purchased Products of 2022

14. Darshana Natural Indian Hair Oil 

This blend of Ayurvedic botanical ingredients has won both the NaturallyCurly Best of the Best and Editors’ Choice awards for its nourishing properties and 100% natural ingredients. 

![curl-keeper-original]NaturallyCurlys 22 Most Purchased Products of 2022

13. Curly Hair Solutions Curl Keeper Original 

You know a product has reached Holy Grail status when the 1 liter bottle is a top seller. Curlies get their bang for their buck with this water-based frizz fighting styler. 

![rizos-curls-cream-gel]NaturallyCurlys 22 Most Purchased Products of 2022

12. Rizos Curls Curl Defining Cream 

If you like your curls to look natural and voluminous without the crunch, give this styling cream a try. This Latina-owned brand is one to watch in 2023 and beyond. 

![mielle-rosemary-mint-hair-oil]NaturallyCurlys 22 Most Purchased Products of 2022

11. Mielle Organics Rosemary Mint Scalp & Hair Strengthening Oil 

You’ve likely seen this oil making the TikTok rounds for its hair growth properties and for being hard to find – lucky for you it’s available and authenticated on SHOPNaturallyCurly now. 

![LONG AID Curl Activator Gel for Extra Dry Hair]NaturallyCurlys 22 Most Purchased Products of 2022

10. LONG AID Curl Activator Gel for Extra Dry Hair 

Another best selling product in large-size packaging (32 ounces!”>. Water, aloe vera gel, and glycerin are the top three ingredients in this popular curl gel. 

![botanika-mender]NaturallyCurlys 22 Most Purchased Products of 2022

9. Botanika Beauty The Mendor 

If you’re in need of a protein treatment this season, curlies use this unique protein-enriched formula for restoring damaged and weakened hair. 

![camille-rose-curl-maker-marshmallow-agave 11822]NaturallyCurlys 22 Most Purchased Products of 2022

8. Camille Rose Naturals Curl Maker Marshmallow and Agave Leaf Extract 

This curling jelly is a moisturizing styler made to give you moisture and definition without the hard cast. You can dial up the definition by cocktailing it with stronger hold products. 

![jane-carter-solution]NaturallyCurlys 22 Most Purchased Products of 2022

7. Jane Carter Solution Curls to Go Un-Tangle Me

Looking for an effective detangler with all the slip? This weightless leave-in contains some of our favorite slippery ingredients like Slippery Elm and Marshmallow Root.

![dippity-do-curls-mousse]NaturallyCurlys 22 Most Purchased Products of 2022

6. Dippity-Do Girls with Curls Curl Boosting Mousse 

Achieve lift, body and bounce to your curls with this lightweight mousse. For extra lift, apply this to hair when wet and then diffuse to dry. 

![kinky-curly-spiral-spritz]NaturallyCurlys 22 Most Purchased Products of 2022

5. KinkyCurly Spiral Spritz

This Curly Girl-friendly styling product lightweight and aloe-based and can be used to style freshly washed or second day curls. 

![one-love-cowash-the-doux]NaturallyCurlys 22 Most Purchased Products of 2022

4. The Doux One Love CoWash 

Gently cleanse, detangle, and deep condition with just one product. We love a hardworking multi-tasker in our curl regimen. 

![dippity-do-curls-gelee]NaturallyCurlys 22 Most Purchased Products of 2022

3. Dippity-Do Girls with Curls Curl Shaping Gelee

The original curl setting gel continues to be one of the top three best selling products of the year. It’s CG-friendly and less than $8, what more could you ask for?

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![kinky-curly-curling-custard]NaturallyCurlys 22 Most Purchased Products of 2022

2. KinkyCurly Curling Custard

KinkyCurly took the top two spots of our top sellers list this year. So if this Curling Custard is your first time trying this brand, you can feel fairly confident that it won’t be your last. 

![kinky-curly-knot-today]NaturallyCurlys 22 Most Purchased Products of 2022

1. KinkyCurly Knot Today 

And coming in at number one is KinkyCurly Knot Today. We can’t say we’re surprised, this product has been winning NaturallyCurly’s awards for years. This multi-use leave-in and detangling product will help you resolve your worst snarles and tangles. 

What was your star product of 2022? Share your new discoveries or tried and true Holy Grails in the comments!

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