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Have I told my curlfriends here how much I sweat?

I literally only wear foundation when I’m on camera, because not only is the pore-dam breaking instantaneous, it’s COPIOUS. Even the effort of hauling out the ten dollar words in this article has me dampening up.

So, now that I’m doing gym stuff and taking care of my mental and physical health in the out-of-doors, the perspiration is REAL. And that has curl consequences!

Sweating is good for you, but that sweat contains minerals and bodily waste that your skin’s filtering out. And if you’re also doing the right thing and wearing your sunscreen for outside summer shenanigans, you could end up caking your curls with materials that don’t need to stay in your hair.

Washing more often is certainly an option for some of us. But I’m not that some, and I like to work out on my lunch break (three cheers for an office complex with a gym next door!), so the next best thing is finally following my mother’s wishes and just making sure my coils stay out of my face!

But how do we do that without causing more damage from unfriendly materials—especially if we’re putting our hair back on a regular basis?

By putting aside the cotton and rubber, and reaching for something a little smoother!

Satin and/or silk-lined products not only keep you cool wherever you wear them, they also play nicely with your hair shafts, and won’t ruffle your feathers!

For hardcore workouts

There’s headbands, and sweatbands.

I’ve used one for the other in a pinch, but I prefer to keep my DDR absorbent head pieces and my fool everyone into thinking I had time to do my hair and chose not to head pieces separate.

Fortunately, Loza Tam makes both!

You can choose from their double-wide in moisture-wicking spandex, smoother and absorbent, or soak up your sweat with cotton while protecting your hair with satin in their combo sweatband!

Can’t say I don’t love a good set of options! Speaking of...

For casual outings

Not every natural hair and sweat combo happens at the gym! If you’re running errands, or out dancing on the sand, Grace Eleyae has several great options for any occasion.

Image Source: @graceeleyae

Grace Eleyae is known for their amazing satin-lined caps that can be great for protecting your curls while you sleep or when you’re on the go and don’t have to style your curls. Plus, they have scrunchies, headbands, turbans and baseball hats to keep your curls cool no matter what.

Explore the possibilities!

For sun sports

As someone with a big head and fat hair, the hat industry was pretty much made against me, and I know I’m not the only one. So these cut-out caps making the scene are impressive! Literal game changers, if the game is baseball, or cricket, or anything else not played in an indoor court!

The issue is--the first ones I saw were still waiting on developing a lined version, which made them an immediate ‘no’ from me.

Enter Curlcap!

It’s satin, it’s BACKLESS, and this could finally be the cap to fit full-figured fiveheads AND the best hat for natural hair overall!

Batter up.

Something for whenever

Know something cool about satin? It’s not “a cheap alternative to silk”, in fact the term doesn’t even describe a type of fabric at all!

Satin can be made from lots of different kinds of fabrics, just like pies can be made out of different types of fruits.

I know, I was surprised too! This is another gem I learned from Miss Cora Harrington, and it’s helped me un-bougie-fy a lot of my hair purchases (which is not to say I don’t still get silk satin...).

And this means you can get yourself some nice polyester satin scrunchies that won’t need extra-delicate cleansing when you sweat all over them, which you will.

Case in point, these Satin Life scrunchies.

When you have to throw up your ‘fro and go, satin scrunchies will help keep your hair in primo 90’s nostalgia condition while keeping your sweaty, sweaty face UN-conditioned, what with your leave-in melting.

Also, some of them come in multipacks, so when you DO misplace them, BAM. You’re still covered!

I love it when a plan comes together.

Curlies, it doesn’t matter how you do your hair this summer, as long as you’re doing it right!

What are your natural hair must-haves as far as lined products?

Share in the comments, and keep cool!