As 2012 gets going, it’s a perfect time to put your hair plans into action! Whether you’re looking to try new styles, use those products that have been hiding in your cabinets or just be more consistent with your regimen, there’s lots of ways you can work to improve your hair this year. There’s nothing like the start of a new year to revamp any existing curly hair care goals or maybe even add a few new ones.

Styling for the New Year

Let this year be your golden opportunity to experiment with some new and chic styles. There’s a whole wide world of natural hair sites out there for you to explore and find more creative ways to wear your hair. Try some cool braid or twist styles or maybe you might change it up and try a blowout to shock your friends and family!

If one of your goals is to retain length with protective styling, try joining a grow-out challenge with some of your natural friends! One of my friends even suggested trying one new hair style every month of the year. Now that’s an easy way to rotate some fresh new looks in your current style arsenal!

Tips for 2012: If you wear your hair up, try adding a twist to your usual ‘do. Flat twists will still give you a sleek look, but can add a touch of pizzazz to any updo. Instead of doing a traditional twist or braid out, try a flexi rod set to give your hair a bouncy makeover. Wear your hair down with a bantu knot out or roller set to make your curls pop!

Products for the New Year

If you’re anything like me, you may have amassed quite a few products throughout 2011, so why not start 2012 by cleaning out your cabinets. Knowing what you have on hand will give you a good idea of any needs you need to fill in your stash. Pull out all of your hair products (yes, ALL of them!”> and go through them. Check to make sure the products are still fresh; the last thing you want in is to put old, rancid products in your hair. Starting with a clean slate can allow you to assess your needs and might just keep you from buying excessively.

Tips for 2012: Give yourself a product budget. Designate a specific dollar amount each month for your purchases and try to stick with it. Or, you can allow yourself to one new brand every month or two. No need to go overboard, especially if you’re a product junkie!

Refresh Your Regimen for the New Year

It can be hard to keep up with an complicated curly hair care regimen as the year gets into full swing, so take some time to review it and make adjustments as you find necessary. If you are trying new products, try putting yourself on a schedule of sorts to make it easier to keep up with the results. If you are newly natural, it may be a goal of yours to better learn your curls. Take some time to examine your strands, more importantly your naked hair, before applying product. This can help you determine your curl pattern, density and porosity, among other things, which just helps you develop a better understanding of your natural hair.

Tips for 2012: Sometimes simple is better and that can definitely help you maintain your regimen and goals. A great example of this is to make your own natural hair calendar! Pencil in wash days, deep conditioning treatments, styling days, and when it’s time to try a new product. You can also use your calendar to keep up with your length checks or countdown to doing your BIG CHOP!

Get Involved in the New Year

One of the things I really wanted to do this year was to be more involved with more events taking place in my city. Joining a natural hair group in your area can be one of the best ways to stay informed with what’s going on in your neck of the woods. It can also be a great way to swap ideas and products too! Making friends with other naturals can add to your support system, especially knowing they they’ve gone through the same issues as you. No one understands a curly girl like another curly!

Tips for 2012: Get involved in your local natural hair community. Check your various social media outlets and natural hair salons in your area to find other natural hair enthusiasts. This can also help you stay on top of natural hair events coming to your area. The number of natural hair expos and meet ups have been increasing tremendously and that’s also a great way to meet new people and learn about new products and styles.

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Final Thoughts

No matter how big or small, try to keep your curly hair care goals in perspective as the year continues. You’ve got to start somewhere, so make a priority list of the things that are most important to you. For those wanting to make the transition to natural, or those just looking to embrace your curly hair, take your time and enjoy the journey. Make 2012 your best hair year ever!

Lisa Michelle

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