One of the benefits of having wavy and curly hair is that you don’t have to wash it too often. If you miss a day, it’s okay. Your curls and waves can literally bounce back without a lot of work.

Regardless of how often you wash your hair, this simple revitalizing process can be used for any type of wavy or curly hair. It’s especially good for going from work to a dinner party or special event after a long day. It’s also a wonderful process for styling your curls before you go to bed.

The Basics

Gel + H2O: that’s all you need to revitalize your natural wavy or curly hair. It’s best to have a spray bottle for your water. One that mists is ideal so that you can cover more area on your hair.

Select the right gel for curly hair. It doesn’t have to be costly, and there are some good drug-store buys that are easy to find and won’t hurt your wallet. A few favorite gels for curlies and waves are: La Looks Curl Gel, Biotera Gel (Biotera Glaze is great for finer hair or waves”>, Kinky Curly Custard, La Bella Sports Gel, and Ecostyler gels.

And You’re Off!

Start by sectioning your hair into smaller sections (depending on your length you may have up to 4 or 5 sections”>. Clip each section and apply water with your water spray bottle to the first section, enough to dampen it.

Then, use a quarter to half-dollar size of gel on your section, applying it evenly throughout the section. Sometimes it’s easiest to coat your hands with the gel for each section.

Be sure not to rub your scalp or pull on any parts of your hair as you apply. Gently repeat on each section of hair then blot each section with a damp towel.

Added Features

You may want to finger-curl some sections as you work the gel through. Simply take a part of the section of hair you’ve worked the gel and water into and twist it around one or two fingers, depending on how wide you want the curl to form. You may want to do some random curls and allow others to form more naturally. You can also twist the smaller sections into loops and clip them down to form curls as well.

The When and Where

This process is perfect for the evening or the morning as long as you allow ample drying time. It’s best to allow revitalized curls and waves to air-dry. If you have limited time, use a diffuser and gently allow the curls to dry.

Going from work to a dinner party? The above process may take a bit more time than you have to get from your office to an evening party. You can use a simpler and quicker process by again, having your water on hand and a small tube of gel.

It’s always a great idea to keep some gel at work, or even in your car for those occasional hair date disasters. Instead of creating sections, mist your hair lightly with some water. If you don’t have a water bottle handy, simply use your hands. It’s not necessary to make your hair too wet.

  1. Coat your hands with gel and work it through your hair. Going from ends to roots may “plump” up your wavy and curly hair a bit more and help style your hair at the same time.
  2. Apply more gel as needed until you have finished. Use your hands to twist and coax any curls or waves back into place.
  3. Hairpins If you are headed to a special evening out, be sure to have a few glitzy hairpins with you too. Add them to your revitalized curls and waves for a more elegant or “party-going” look.

Final thoughts

It just takes a few minutes and some inexpensive tools to make second-day hair look sensational!


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