Here are 5 quick fixes to help you rock your best second day hair.
photo courtesy of @rhiverxx

Second day hair was always a struggle for me when I began my natural hair journey. For one day my curls looked good--then it was downhill from there. I fought the constant struggle against warm winds, and humidity, and thought I needed to redo the style all over again. Since then I have learn how to solve my second-day hair problem.

Here are 5 quick fixes that have helped me get my best second day hair, and will help you achieve it too.

1. Incorporate headbands and wraps

Take the attention off of your hair by adding a hair accessories. They are perfect for disguising an old style or oily hair (especially the frizzies). They also add spice to your 'do and outfit. No one will notice because all eyes will be focused on your fashion. Watch this video for one of three ways to style a head wrap this summer.

2. Try an updo

So you want to add something new to your second day hair because you are tired of the same style? Time to add some variety to your second-day hair. Experiment with the trending updo hairstyles from your fave natural hair bloggers on YouTube and Instagram. Have you tired fringe faux bangs yet?

3. Rock a pineapple

Second day hair can still be full and lively. Use this method, developed by the wonderful community! It’s a simple style that can be worn on those lazy hair days. Simply take a scrunchie to tie your hair into a high ponytail and fluff. You can also wear this style at bedtime to maintain your style while you sleep.  If you have short hair, there’s no problem. You can pineapple short hair as well.

4. Refresh with spritz, hair milk or leave-in conditioner

Don’t go through the trouble of completely redoing your hair. Instead try a spritz or hair milk to give life back to your curls. Your hair is set for the week so you don’t need extra product. Simple spritz product on areas that seem a bit dry. You can also try a spray-on conditioner like Aubrey Organics Sea Buckthorn Leave-In Conditioner. Just mix one tablespoon of your favorite conditioner and water in a spray bottle. Watch how NaturallyCurly’s Nikki Johnson refresh her curls.

5. Create a puff

There is no denying that a naturally curly girl’s ultimate second day style is the puff. The puff is a lifestyle for me when I don’t have time to do my hair and want the style to stretch one more day. All you need is your fave gel, pomade or cream product, a wooden bristle brush, Afro pick and a hair scrunchie. Apply enough product around your head, and take the brush to smooth your hair back into a high puff. Fluff with an afro pick for more volume.