Do you need help caring for your 2nd day hair? Sarah shows you her 2nd day hair and overnight hair routine.

In this video, Sarah shares her second day and overnight hair routine.

Waterlily/Sarah S.

Sarah Stevens, also known as Waterlily716, started her popular YouTube channel to provide education about curly hair basics and help others learn how to care and love for their natural curls.

Love the video. I do something similar with my 3b/c hair and get nice 2nd and 3rd day results. To prevent tangles at nape I section off a portion straight across my nape and divide into 4 sections. I then take each section, with lots of conditoner, and two-strand twist it. This keeps it from tangling and keeps them elongated since this hair tends to shrink up more becuase of the tighter curl pattern.

Can't wait to try it! I love your video blogs Sarah, thanks for sharing your curl wisdom!

That's my tangle spot too! I just recommend detangling well while in the shower, and trying not to have the nape of your neck rub against pillows, collars, jewelry, etc. too much.

I cannot wait to try this....I have hair that is a little bit curlier but I hope it works! Love your videos! I get severe tangles in the back at the nape of my neck....any suggestions??

Hi :) I got it at sally's and no it wasn't!

Hey Sarah, Where did you get your satin sleep cap? Was it expensive? Thanks! -- Caroline (finecurlz)