Tara Lisciandro-Hornich is a Type 2/3 curly mom as well as healthy lifestyle advocate.

The nature of the child is an amazing one. Taking moments to truly be with your child, and spend quality, wholesome time together, can change your own outlook on parenting, and simple day to day tasks. Below are a few ideas and activities that you can share with your daughter. Remember, they can all be enjoyed together, as long as you are mindful as you do them.

Being mindful is simple, but not always easy. Being mindful simply put is staying in the present moment, being aware of what is taking place with all of your senses, and passing no judgement as you do so. Being mindful, while playing and being with your child, may just turn playtime, story time and “girl” time into something a little more, if you practice.

Curly Mom & Daughter Bonding Activities


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