curly hair style

Selecting the perfect style for a new school year is important for making a good first impression, no matter what hair type you have. These three curly hair styles have just the right amount of sassiness and simplicity for middle school curly girls with little time and lots of hair!

Side Bun

Sleek it over to one side.

A side bun is a variation on the traditional bun that rests at the base of your head. Decide, first, which side you would like your bun to be on, then, spray it with water or another moisturizer so you can easily maneuver your curls. For extra hold, add your favorite styling serum, pudding or pomade and sleek it over to one side.

After you have smoothed your hair to the side, wrap a ponytail holder around it. Be sure to use a ponytail holder that doesn’t have a metal clip so your hair isn’t yanked out. Twist the hair that is hanging out of your ponytail around in a circle and secure it to your head with bobby pins. As an alternative to the bobby pins, you can use a second ponytail holder to place on top of the bun.

Update the classic bun with this simple, yet chic style that can complement any outfit, and even endure an exhausting P.E. class.

Half and Half

The almost updo.

To wear your hair half up and half down, choose a place to make a part in the front of your head. Next, take one side of your hair and flat twist or French braid it back behind your ear. Use a hair pin or a bobby pin to keep it from unraveling. Repeat the same technique for the other half of your hair.

After you have finished both sides, fluff the back of your hair and the look is complete. If your locks look a little dull, spray them with a finisher to add some shine and your hair will dazzle as you walk down the hallway.

Chunky Braid Out

Define your texture.

To get the best results with this style, clean and condition your hair before the braiding process. While your hair is still damp, take a medium-sized section of your hair and braid the hair all the way down and twist the very bottom between your fingers. Keep braiding different sections of your hair until you have about twelve plaits. If your hair is shorter, you made need to use smaller sections.

Allow your hair to air dry overnight, and in the morning take down all of your braids. For hair that is prone to frizz, add an oil to your finger tips when you unravel the braids. Separate the braided sections further if you want more fullness. Top it off with a cute headband and your classmates will find it hard to pay attention to the teacher instead of your pretty curls.

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