Q: I have a 5-year-old with natural curly hair; he is half white and half black with very tight, beautiful curls. I have to put him in the shower every morning so I can do his hair, because his hair gets so dry. We have tried all kinds of products but nothing seems to keep it moisturized for longer than 12 hours. I would like to find something to put in his hair and not have to wet it down the next morning just to get him to look presentable. Is there a product you recommend that will hydrate the hair so we don't have to constantly get it wet . . . I try to only shampoo once a week . . . but I have to wet it down every day to do anything to it (brush it).

A: Try using my KRLY Kids Pump N Go Spray. It will help to detangle and re-wet the hair just enough to activate the curls. With the spray there is not need to completely re-saturate hair.