Katie : Curl Pride winner

Katie Korein was the winner of our Curl Pride contest, a national essay contest that asked kids to tell us why they needed a curly makeover. Her essay was selected from hundreds of entries. Katie and her family were flown in March to New York, where she received a makeover from "Curly Girl" author Lorraine Massey of Devachan Salon & Departure Lounge. Katie will be checking in with us throughout the year to update us on her curl journey.

With my new products in hand -- DevaCare No-Poo and DevaCare One Condition -- my curls are looking better than ever! They have definition and shine. The more I use the products, the better my hair looks. For example, when I get them wet in the pool, which is often, I come out with perfect ringlet curls. It isn’t a frizzy mess anymore!

Also, I’ve let my hair just grow and grow -– a suggestion made by Lorraine Massey, the owner of Devachan Salon – and that has been a success. The longer my hair grows, the better my curls look. For my type of curl -– big, thick, and loaded with possible frizz issues –- my curls look better as they’re growing longer.

My biggest challenge has been to let my hair out and free instead of sticking it back in a ponytail all the time. In the summer, when it is hot, I just want to get it back and out of my way. But I’m much more open to letting it out. I remember seeing all the curly girls in New York wearing their hair out –- not in a ponytail. I’m still working on loving my curls as much as the dozens of people who stop me to tell me how awesome my curls look.

I really miss the CurlyKids.com girls, and I talk about my adventures in New York all the time. It truly was a once in a lifetime experience.

Thanks and good luck all you Curly Heads out there!!!!

Fondest Regards,

Katie and her parents