There are ways to detangle your curls effectively without harming them.

Many factors contribute to having damaged hair including dye, chemicals, daily manipulation and everyday environmental factors like the sun and wind. When you have texture to your hair, you know you have to go easy during the detangling process. If your wavy hair is damaged, being extra gentle is imperative. There are ways to detangle your curls effectively without harming them.

Why detangle?

Effectively detangling your hair prior to styling will help leave your hair knot-free, remove stray hairs from shedding that are stuck together. Keeping in mind that it is normal to lose about 100 hairs a day from shedding, you can prevent even more hair loss, matting, and sticking with these steps.

1. Use a cleansing conditioner.

This helps rid your hair of any styling products or build-up while adding in moisture and hydration. Wavy hair, try Ouidad Curl Immersion Coconut Co-Wash.

2. Saturate your hair with a deep conditioner.

Damaged wavy hair needs to use a deep conditioner at least once a week to nurse it back to health. Try Original Moxie Intense Quench Deep Conditioner which has a unique blend of botanicals, herbs, proteins, and emollients that enhance shine, softness and strength in wavy hair.

3. Gently finger detangle, starting from the bottom.

Without rinsing the deep conditioner out, it is detangling time. A proper deep conditioner gives added slip, aiding in the detangling process. I use my fingers to detangle my own waves. By doing so, I can feel any knots or snarls right away. If you do not want to use your fingers, use a wide tooth comb for assistance. However, stay away from a brush or fine tooth comb, as they can cause more damage and breakage.

Detangle in sections, and start from the bottom. This may be the most important of all the detangling tips. How many sections you create is a personal preference, but I usually have two in bottom back, one on each side, the top of the back of my head and then my two front hairline sections. If your hair gets extra knotty, creating more sections might be helpful. If you immediately start at the root of your hair and try to detangle all the way down, any knots, snarls or tangles will bunch up down the length, resulting in breakage and the potential for more damage. Detangling from the bottom may be more time consuming, but it is worth it.

4, Let your deep conditioner sit for about an hour.

Once you have detangled all of your hair, you may want to add some more deep conditioner, letting it sit for up to an hour. Then, rinse most of it out--damaged wavy hair should leave some of their deep conditioner on the ends as a leave-in. This will continue to intensely moisturize and treat the hair.

5. Style as usual with your favorite styling products.

Lately my hair has been loving DevaCurl Wave Maker.

  • Optional: Some people like to pre-poo their wavy hair with an oil treatment. If your wavy hair is damaged, this can make detangling much easier followed by conditioning. Saturate your hair and scalp with a good oil blend such as the Jane Carter Solution Healthy Hair Complex 4 Replenish and Repair Oil, which will allow your fingers to glide through. Additionally, the Maraca, Sunflower and Coconut oils will help further treat dry, damaged hair.

How do you detangle your wavy hair?

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