naturalhairdoescare on What She Loved Most from Texture on The Runway 2018

Image: Seanna Kaye of naturalhairdoescare

Even though Texture On the Runway has ended, we’re still on a high from all the love and support we received from each and every one of you who showed up and showed out. From the amazing attendees to the fierce brands who truly showcased what it means to present, this was definitely our biggest event yet. In case you missed the show, we tapped Seanna Kaye, one half of the sister duo behind @naturalhairdoescare, to find out what her most magical moments were from TOTR, keep reading to find out. 

What was your favorite part of Texture On the Runway?

I like how the presentations from the brands ranged from super relatable, such as the Carol’s Daughter presentation with the moms and their daughters – as a mom that just warmed my heart – all the way to the conceptual presentations like Mielle Organics. I found that the show really drew me in from beginning to end. I experienced the full range of emotions, and I think that’s what I love about Texture On the Runway. It always leaves an impression. Even now we are a week or two out and I can still replay so many of the scenes from the different presentations in my mind.

What about the experience of being an attendee?

It’s like a family reunion, in a lot of ways. Even though we are from all over the country we really do keep up with each other and support each other on social media and in real life. So, Texture On the Runway gives us an opportunity to see each other, hug, kiki, and to catch up on what’s happening in our entrepreneurial lives as well as our families etcetera. It’s really a very collegial and warm atmosphere, which is another reason why I really look forward to attending.

I’m sure you go to a lot of events, is there anything that you feel sets Texture On the Runway apart from other gatherings that you go to?

The emphasis on texture as a visual medium for communicating all of the possibilities and excellence in the natural hair sphere, I think that’s very unique. And it really gives an opportunity for those who do not see the possibilities in texture to see that it is really limitless. Because no two texture presentations were the same, and we’ve just touched the tip of the iceberg in terms of what’s possible, so it really challenges other brands who don’t appreciate what those of us with textured hair know is possible. It really throws the gauntlet down, and lets them know that they’re missing out on something that could take their brand to the next level and is so appreciated by so many women with textured hair.

Is there anything you saw at the show, either on the runway or in the audience, that you want to try in your own regimen?

There were a lot of accessories in the hair, so whether it was florals or colored threads and beads and jewels, that was something that stood out in my mind. The details! Whether it be a combination of braids and twists on the side, highlighted with threads or ribbons or florals, those are neat ways to innovate and to take a style and make it fresh.

Is there a moment that has stayed with you since the show?

How fun was it to have the live performance by Amara LaNegra! That was a lot of fun, and we were all able to sing along with her. She’s such an engaging personality, and I think it was fun to interact with someone who has textured hair in the entertainment industry. She’s someone who we’re all rooting for and she’s clearly rooting for us too, so that really stuck out. I loved her opening dialogue with Michelle too.

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