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Too often curly girls have found themselves in the uncomfortable position of having to alter their hair for a service. Whether getting a haircut, a trim, or adding extensions, curly girls were led to believe they had to straighten their hair so the stylist could style their hair. Thankfully we can discard that notion. 

With hair that craves moisture, loves oils, and gravitates to the sun, it takes slightly different care to achieve certain styles.  That includes sew-ins, braids, and twists. Not so long ago curly girls had to straighten their hair for those types of styles, and Wormaby with 4a coils from Curly Q&A is inquiring whether a sew-in requires straightening her curls.


I want to get a sew-in but do I have to flat iron my hair to get one. I don't want my hair flat ironed.


No, you do not need to flat iron your hair for a sew-in. There are a few ways to prep your hair for a sew-in if the styler would prefer your hair to be straight or stretched without using a flat iron.

Stretch your hair

It seems odd that rolling or curling your hair will straighten it, but it can work. Curlformers or large rollers are both great options to stretch the hair while it dries, whether air-drying or under a hooded dryer. Once the hair is dry you can wrap for straighter results so it will be in optimal condition for a sew-in, braids, or any style necessary for adding extensions.

Before you install...

Here are some tips for any time you decide to install a sew-in, braids, or any added hairstyle.

Curly hair is fragile

This does not mean you cannot straighten it or should not use sew-ins.; it just means we need extra TLC. Always use a heat protectant and make sure your added hair is not installed too tightly. These are just a few rules to follow but it also helps to know what options you have when constructing certain styles. Ensuring your hair detangled and stretched makes it is easier to work by reducing the potential for friction and breakage.

See if a trim is necessary

It is always good to make sure your hair is in peak condition, so getting a trim to rid your hair of raggedy or split ends prior to a sew-in is a good idea.

Properly cleanse and condition the hair

That means using a deep conditioner too. You want your hair in the best possible shape prior to installing a weave of any kind.

Stretching your hair may be ideal for the one installing your sew-in, but straightened hair from a flat-iron is not a requirement. First, see if your hairstylist needs your hair to be stretched. If so, then try one of the methods mentioned above and make sure to have your hair in prime shape by being clean, conditioned, detangled, and moisturized and without split ends.