There aren't too many things that perplex me but recently I have been more than confused by a few things happening in the world, including planking (I made my brother-in-law demonstrate the Internet craze this weekend), the fact that the royal Family is still the topic of discussion for doing absolutely nothing, and one hideous row house in West Philadelphia painted with the Gucci logo.

The fashion-loving Philly homeowners decided to forego the "G" that usually is represented in the chain pattern, which was either just a major oversight or a tactical effort to not be sued for copyright infringement. Either way, the paint job alone is hilarious.

There seems to be some fundamental element missing from a person who wakes up one morning and decides to paint their house to match one of the most prominent fashion labels in history. That being said, I'm not sure if the paint job helps or hinders the general appeal of the building. By the looks of its neighbors, it has probably brightened up the block.