How to create a bouffant hairstyle

You’ve seen them all over the runways and red carpets. The bouffant is a magnificent hairstyle that signifies confidence, power and beauty. During the day, you may want your hair to be girly and playful, but leave it to the bouffant style to amp up and transform your style into a sexy nighttime look. It’s as easy as section, poof and pin!

Section, Poof, Pin

  1. Section: The first step in creating a bouffant style is to section off the front portion of your hair. There are a few ways of wearing the back of your hair, but the focus of this style is the front! I usually wear the back of my hair pinned up, but you can leave it down if you so wish — it’s very versatile! If your hair is longer, as mine is past my chin, it helps to pull the section out in front of you and roll it backwards. Secure this with a bobby pin or two. Now you’re ready to move on to the next step.
  2. Poof: In creating the poof that is distinctive of the bouffant style, you can employ your index finger or the end of a rattail comb. If the front section of your hair is longer, you may not have to do much at this point, unless, of course, you want to go really big! Once your hair is pinned, you have the flexibility to adjust the position and height of your bouffant. Take your index finger or comb, gently insert into the poof and gradually raise it up until you obtain the height you’re seeking. You can also maneuver the poof forward if you want more forehead coverage too, using the same method.
  3. Pin: Once you’ve got your perfect position, place the final pins to secure the hair in place. You can stop here if you like, but remember there are all kinds of variations with this style. If you’re rocking a twist out, you can leave your hair out in the back and be super fierce! You can pull the hair back into a loose poof with the help of a hair band or banana clip. Or you can go for a full up-do by opting for a French braid or roll. Whatever look you’re going for, the bouffant can accommodate you!

Final Thoughts

This style is perfect for many lengths, so do be afraid to try this look! You can tailor it to the suit the event that you’re attending, making it as bold or demure as you like. Sometimes bigger is better too, so give it a shot the next time you head out on the town. Who says you can’t have the hottest hairstyle in the club?! Happy styling!

How will you rock your bouffant?