Hair Rules offers these curly hair rules:

  1. Rule #1: Wash and wear styles can be done twice a day but cannot wear for more than two or three days. For twist-out styles, cleanse, condition, rehydrate and re-twist every 5-7 days.
  2. Rule #2: Get a proper haircut every 3 months, with the ends being adequately cut when straight. You can't cut what you can't see on a head of hair that is tightly wound (with shrinkage and a ziz-zag pattern). The timing of these haircuts is essential. Hair grows ¼" to ½" a month. If over a period of three months, you've gained an inch and a half, the idea is that you're only cutting less than ¼". This means you've still gained length!
  3. Rule #3: Condition, condition, condition! You can’t over-condition naturally dry hair.

The biggest misconception about kinky hair is that it is rough and tough. On the contrary, it is the most fragile texture on the texture spectrum and should be cared for like your favorite cashmere sweater, not a tee shirt. Kinky hair—especially when worn straight—needs extreme hydration at every step of your hair care routine (cleansing, conditioning, styling and finishing) to look its best. Kinky hair naturally tangles and locks. If your goal is to grow your hair (and not to lock it), than preventing it from tangling is crucial. The more you rinse, condition and detangle, the more you prevent hair from drawing up, drying out, and breaking. Remember, healthy hair allows you the freedom to wear your hair however you choose, be it kinky, curly or straight.

What To Avoid:

Shampoos that dry out or strip the hair of its natural oils. Products that contain grease and wax that build up, dulling hair, and don’t feel great to touch.

Products where the primary ingredient is silicone because although it can be beneficial for shine and slick-ability, too much can build up on the hair preventing any moisture from entering the hair shaft, ultimately drying out the hair.