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Fighting frizz is as one of the biggest nuisances curlies grow weary of. Sometimes we do not want the big, fuzzy halo. Sometimes we just want to get to class without our hair getting caught in the doorway before we do. Is that asking too much? Not really and CurlyGina13 from Curly Q&A has questions about controlling frizz as she heads back to school.


How do you keep your hair frizz free throughout the day? So when I wake up I usually have some frizz so I just fish for my frizzy pieces and apply water and conditioner to refresh the curls but in hour or two later I start getting a lot of frizz. I’m worried especially that school is coming up and I don’t want to carry around conditioner and fix my hair every hour.


There are many types of frizz, here are three of the most common forms:

  • Surface frizz – along the outside of the hair
  • Halo frizz – concentrated in the crown exclusively
  • In-the-curl-frizz – smooth curls are completely destroyed by frizz throughout the head

It sounds like CurlyGina13 has the in-the-curl-frizz that the weather seems to create. No worries because we got you covered. I have got three solid tips that will ensure your frizzy days are over or at the very least you will have fewer of them.

Always deep condition after you shampoo

Always deep conditioner after cleansing, as shampoos with a high pH level have a direct effect on how frizzy your hair will become. Shampoos with a pH above 5.5 can cause a buildup of static electricity and that leads to flyaway hair, friction, and even breakage says Maria Fernanda Gavazzoni, a professor of dermatology at Federal Fluminense University in Rio de Janiero. She also says curly girls have less lubrication and a thinner cuticle layer than straight-haired women and that makes us more vulnerable to frizz. Remember to follow up with a deep conditioner after every cleansing session in order to restore the pH levels of the hair, closing the cuticle.

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Beef up on Stylers

Secondly, it may be time to invest in a styler to help the conditioner that is working hard at keeping your hair moisturized and frizz-free. No worries on finding what works because we’ve already compiled a list for you of the best frizz-fighting products that actually work!

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Check the weather

Check the weather. Your phone is a great tool for checking how humid or wet it will be in your neighborhood or just check our Frizz Forecast and plug in your zip code. That will help you determine how to style your hair so you can prevent frizzy nightmares.

How do you reduce frizz?

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