The world’s largest cosmetic company and self-proclaimed “world leader in beauty,” L’Oreal, recently published its latest Hair Map of the UK which covers the latest color trends in each region of the United Kingdom.

The survey, which shows over 3,000 opinions on the topic of hair color, had some clear differences between each area. See the map below.



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My honest opinion?

A part of me feels like this study had more Europeans with naturally straight hair than wavy or curly due to the fact that it covers the whole UK and I know that London, its capital, is the most diverse place. Below is my honest take of 5 statistics pulled from this survey.

1. Facebook and Instagram came on top with the highest percentage results for ‘What’s driving hair color trends.’

This isn’t surprising at all! So many of us have transitioned from looking at hair care magazines for color inspiration to hopping on social media pages to search relevant hashtags. Personally, I am inspired by others on Instagram every day.

2. 24% of women say that they’re more likely to try bright or pastel hair colors than they would have done a year ago; London is where the majority of them are located.

With London being one of the leading fashion capitals of the world, I can see why women are more likely to go pastel here! Walking down the go-to shopping location in London, Oxford Street, will give you the best inspiration for hairstyles and colors — it’s pretty much an open catwalk to what’s trending. I have seen more bright hues than ever before on all hair types this year.

3. Only 3% of women have red hair!

Redheads are clearly on the outs, with blonde (21% of women”> and brunettes (43% of women”> being the most popular colors in the UK. I 100% agree with this — blonde is hugely popular here in the UK along with brunette hair, even with curlies. I have seen the blonde highlights and platinum blonde curls all over Instagram this year.

4. Katy Perry, Rihanna and Beyonce are the top 3 famous faces to inspire UK women to color their hair. Kylie Jenner is number 10 on the list.

I would have guessed that Kylie Jenner would be in the top 3 given her influence and various hair color changes throughout the year. However, the 3 biggest female artists in the game take the spotlight makes sense. Rihanna is an icon for color and hairstyles, so no surprise there!

5. In Wales, people are more likely to be taken seriously in the workplace after having their hair colored.

In my opinion, this is not a great example of the Welsh — does this mean your appearance says more about you than your work ethic in this region? Many women who have natural hair feel the tension and backlash in the workplace just from wearing their natural curls, so this is also sad to hear.

Overall, I think the hair map is a great idea and as a hair blogger, it’s really interesting to know these facts.

I would really love to see a curly hair map of the UK as we have had so many trends this year. London is definitely a capital for those going back to there natural curls and I am so happy to be a part of it!

What’s trending in your area? Let us know!

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