Practical Summer Advice From Expert Stylist Antonio Gonzales

2011-06-01 13:47:13

Practical Summer Advice From Expert Stylist Antonio Gonzales

Help prepare your hair for summer with Antonio's great tips.

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Help your color-treated hair out with UV protection

Whether blonde, redhead or brunette, color fading and breakage are what’s in store for you in the months to come as you enjoy the hot summer sun.

Here are some valuable tips for you to help prevent problems and address these challenges.

Color Fading

From this day forward, protect your investment (hair color)! You will need different products as the seasons change. For the summer, I recommend shampoos, conditioners and treatments that contain UV protection from the ocean, pool and sun.

Before you enter the pool or ocean, apply a thick layer of conditioner to prevent over-saturation of salt and chlorine. When you exit the water, have a spray bottle of water at hand to help dilute the salt or chlorine. Follow up by adding a light misting of a leave-in conditioner.

Tanning booths are big culprits in hair color fading. Cover your hair if visiting tanning salons to protect it from damage.


Consider asking your stylist for a cellophane glaze that contains no ammonia or peroxide. If you are a blonde who can't live without the effects of glosses, then follow your gloss with a glaze. In any case, a glaze will create a temporary barrier on the hair to prevent fading. Because cellophanes come in clear, as well as different colors, you have the ability to not drift away from your desired color.


If you are a brunette with virgin hair, I recommend cellophanes and I guarantee you will love it! Ask your stylist for Clear with a squirt of Red Brunette or Clear with a squirt of Honey Golden Blonde. The best part? It fades after 10 to 12 shampoos, which means you can enjoy a beach vacation with a peace of mind. If you have kids, the Clear will keep their beautiful curls intact and shiny.

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Antonio Gonzales

Antonio Gonzales