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"I have thin 3b hair, fair amount of grey but not enough that it looks good completely natural (yet). I'd been using Ion demi color but for me it's permanent color (really porous). I've tried several semi brands but they wash out in about a week. Looking for a good longer lasting deposit only color (a month? little longer?) Suggestions?"


Typically, a demi color is only supposed to last 20-28 shampoo/washes. T
hey’re versatile and offer an arrangement of colors, but their duration is shorter than semi-permanent colors.  Demi colors are more gentle on the hair shaft, as they do not open up the cuticle or penetrate the inner hair shaft as others do.

Color brand suggestions

As always with hair color, try the at-home strand test if it's your first time using that brand. Demi-permanent color is also a great time to try out new colors as they fade after just a few weeks.

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