The Devachan Salon in NYC takes us through a successful curly cut from beginning to end.

We keep repeating it, we know, but good curly hair cuts seriously are your first step to curly hair freedom. If you don't believe us, read all about our Editor's reluctance to get the cut — and the transformation afterward.

The Devachan Salon in NYC takes us through a curly cut from beginning to end and explains why it is important and what to look for in a stylists in order to achieve the same results. Trust us, your 2012 hair will blow last year's curls out of the water when you have the right cut for your curl type, face shape and lifestyle. Get it, girl!

Live the Curly Lifestyle... getting the curly cut!

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I fail to see how this haircut is good or complete. Does anyone else see all the curls hanging/straggling out from under the top areas that were cut? The effect is poof ball (who wants that?) with a disconnected layer underneath. Disappointing. If Devachan, the so-called curly experts produce this result, is there any hope for getting a decent cut for curly hair?

Interesting...I am wondering how does the stylist know that the cut is even? I noticed he only cut from the top half of her head. Won't that create a "shelf" where the top layer ends and the bottom layer begins. Also, the title is deceiving...I thought I would see several curly cuts/styles...