kayla madonna big curly hair

For influencer Kayla MaDonna, her big curly hair has become her signature. “Everywhere I go, I’m asked about my shape and color. Finding the perfect shape for my hair has definitely been a journey.”

Atlanta curl stylist Robin Sjoblom has helped Kayla create this look. “I’m so grateful to have found Robin Sjoblom and her team at Southern Curl.”

curly haircut

The Curly Cut

Sjoblom described how she gives Kayla her look. “This is a dry cut, curl by curl. To get the shape, I did a deep face frame cut so that the curls push back out of her face. Kayla is growing her length so we just “oxygenate” her ends (dust“> and then build the cut from the bottom up, no tension to allow for her different curl patterns to be visually balanced.”

It’s probably the first thing you notice about Kayla’s hair, but she “loves VOLUME so the focus of the cut is from her temple area up, paying close attention to her head shape and density.”

kayla madonna curly hair

The Style

You may be wondering, how does Kayla get her hair to look so big? There are a few factors at play. Kayla’s natural width and density definitely play a role in the way her hair looks. As we just learned, her stylist has cut her hair into a distinct shape that contributes to the volume, and there are also styling techniques that help her achieve the look.

Chunky clumps

According to Sjoblom, “Kayla uses a variety of products and methods, but our styling method for her is usually small sections to detangle, then rake and smooth her leave in and gel.” Kayla likes Miss Jessie’s Leave-In Condish as a leave-in, and a combination of the DevaCurl Styling Cream and their UltraDefining Gel for styling. She likes that these products give her definition without any crunch.

“Smoothing in the product is very important as it helps to clump the curls together and give a chunkier effect as opposed to millions of curls.” If you’re someone who prefers very defined, clumped curls, then you likely will not have the volume of a less defined look. But if you’re willing to sacrifice the look of frizz-free curls, you can achieve bigger hair.


After Kayla dries her hair by either air drying or diffusing, Sjoblom says “we shake her out and fluff fluff fluff!” Sometimes Kayla uses a pick at her roots for extra volume. On Wash Day Kayla’s hair isn’t at its biggest and boldest – it typically grows even bigger on day 2 and day 3.

kayla madonna big curly hair

You can book an appointment with Robin Sjoblom at Southern Curl here, and follow Kayla MaDonna here.

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