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Not all curly girls love or even want volume. It is not just a personal preference but some also have problems with too much volume or pyramid hair. The obvious choice is a cut but that can bring fear to the eyes of a curly girl who have had a previous haircut horror story to share. Curly girls for years have been getting the short end of the stick when it comes to haircuts and Foreverdina from Curly Q&A  inquired about what to do. 


Help. My hair is very thick. I want to cut parts in the middle of my hair to make it look thinner. Will that help? I'm just so frustrated and my hair is also frizzy and has high porosity. Any help minimizing thick and frizzy, high porosity hair?


There are specialized cuts for curly girls. While doing it yourself may be a bad idea, there are trained stylists who can help. Also, we can help with some de-frizzing techniques so your hair does not look even bigger.

The types of cuts great for curly hair

  • The DevaCut – customized cut tailored to your curl pattern and ideal for women who rock the wash and go. 
  • The RI Cut – a cut designed to control curls by opening the interior to make room for all curls. The focus is on the weight and density of the hair. 
  • The Ouidad Cut – a cutting technique to remove the bulk some curlies have.
  • The Tunnel Cut by Jonathan Torch - a cut designed to reduce bulk by strategically cutting thin tunnels that are not visible when the hair is worn both up or down. 

What is the Ouidad Cut?

The Ouidad Carving & Slicing technique is a method created by Ouidad to remove the bulk of the hair while enhancing the natural curl pattern. This allows for well-defined curls, coils, and waves that fit together like puzzle pieces. Ouidad stylists have undergone rigorous training to not only master this technique but are able to walk you through what you want and what to expect afterwards. A stylist can be found with the Ouidad Salon Locator.

What is the Tunnel Cut?

The Tunnel Cut, created by Jonathan Torch of Curly Hair Solutions, is a controlled system to remove the bulk exactly where it needs it the most. Torch says "as with all curlies, no two cuts are ever the same, so the tunnels required for each person are unique, especially when considering where to place the tunnels and how thick each tunnel should be. It helps to remember that some loose curly heads have excess bulk and hair density, while some tight curls may have fine hair so tunnels are not necessary. As long as the tunnels are hidden, the issues of bulk and hair density are easily solved - and this is on looser curls! I understand that logic assumes that tighter curls would be the bulkiest, but all hair can have bulk and density issues." Jonathan and his staff at the Curly Hair Institute in Toronto, Ontario are trained in this cut. 

If you do not live near a Ouidad stylist or Curly Hair Institute these are not the only ways to fix the problem.  There are talented stylists around the country who may not use these particular techniques but will be able to debulk your mid-section and help you out. Recommendations are great ways to find someone who may or may not do the Ouidad method but may still give you an awesome curly cut. Basically, a little homework is needed on your part to find the right hairstylist and again, I would advise against chopping in there on your own.

How to combat frizz

Having high porosity hair is challenging (I have it too) but there are some ways to help your cuticle out and allow it to lie instead of being raised. Using regular (monthly is a good average) protein treatments will help rebuild the cuticle temporarily and so will deep conditions after every wash. Steering clear of chemicals (coloring or straightening) and heat since both damage the cuticle or may cause dryness allows moisture to leave the hair shaft as quickly as it entered. Once you moisturize, seal your hair to keep it in to stave off dryness and frizz.