Ever since I had my less-than-savory run in with heat damage, I’ve been increasingly more adventurous with my head-full of coils (affectionately known as ‘Lola'”>. After nearly a year of keeping my eye on the haute stylings of The Damn Salon, I’m finally proud to say that LOLA HAS BEEN DAMNED.

The Damn Salon exists to ensure that natural hair is never boring. With its signature styles, such as Urban Twists and City Twists, yawn-worthy hair is certainly not what you will find in the world of of Damn.

Two weeks ago, the Atlanta-based team of Damn stylists brought a Taste of Damn to Houston during the weekend of the Nzuri Hair Show. I ordered a pair of Urban Twists off of the Damn menu, which uses a proprietary technique to add a custom blend of synthetic and human hair to enhance natural hair.  I spent a luxuriant and memorable afternoon with the Damn stylists Mushiya, Ephinae, Somto and Dava as they transformed my little coils into a head-turning and Damn fierce mane. For an extra dose of Damn, they added in an inspired and fiery streak of blonde to the front.

However, visions of Damn weren’t the only thing dancing around in my head. I also have been eyeing the increasingly popular ‘undershave,’ made popular by celebs such as Rihanna and Cassie. I figured that there was no time like the present and asked the Damn stylists to leave a patch of hair on my left side loose and set out to find a barber to complete the look of what I decided to call The Damn Fade.

One of the Nzuri Hair Show exhibitors, Faruq of KnattyHeadz, happened to also be a barber and after some initial consulting and planning and one final pep talk with myself, I sat in the chair and Lola was clipped, buzzed, faded, and lined into Damn glory!

A Week Later

It’s been a week since I got the Damn Fade and I am absolutely loving it! I’ve been getting tons of compliments from friends and strangers alike (even my mom and Nana dig it”>.

I’ve been getting a lot of questions about whether or not I was scared or do I regret buzzing part of my hair off. My answer: ABSOLUTELY NOT!

The beauty of hair is that it will grow no matter what. To me, it’s important to keep it fun, keep it fresh, and above all else — keep it healthy!

Damn Maintenance

Maintenance of my Damn Fade is also super easy, mainly because it’s just like taking care of my regular hair.  I can wash, condition, sleep, and style as normal.

The only challenge is getting used to the extra chill of having no hair one one side and the sometimes-obstructed vision due to the large blonde swoop. I love how I have total control over when the shaved part is exposed and when it’s not.

I’ve been playing with a lot of  bouffants and french rolls to pull my hair back and letting it loose for a wild and dramatic look.

Get Yourself Damned

For more information about how you can get Damned or how to get a Taste of Damn to come to you, visit the Damn Salon website.

The Damn Fade

Live Footage of Shaving My Head

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