The bob haircut is one of the most universally flattering ones that has managed to stick around in the world of hair and beauty for hundreds, even thousands, of years.

From Cleopatra to Beyoncé, it has proven to be the perfect combination of sophistication and elegance with boldness and edge. Not only does it flatter all hair types and face shapes, but its variations — the “shag”, the “lob” and more — take a life of their own on the individual who is brave enough to rock one with utter confidence. In 2018, this is the bob haircut you will see over and over again.

The Strong Bob

What is it? Also called the “blunt” bob, this haircut was made popular by world famous hairstylist, Mr. Vidal Sassoon. According to Glamour, this cut is the top trending in San Francisco women. This particular cut is made at jaw-level on both sides of the face. Even though the cut itself is sometimes easier to see on straight hair due to its razor-sharp edge, it can be sported by curly haired people, too. Hair density is the key to rocking the strong bob.

jessica pettway bob

photo: @jessicapettway

How to get what you need from your hairstylist

  1. Have 3 to 4 photos of inspiration on hand stored in your phone. Be open to various lengths, as the two of you can come together to find what will be the most flattering and successful to your face shape and current hair color.
  2. Ask for a strong, or blunt, bob. Before your stylist grabs the shears, ask them how many inches they’ll be taking off, first.
  3. Get product recommendations and styling techniques from your professional. Any bob is already particular as it is, so knowing how to style a strong bob will be key.


photo: @fridacashflow


photo: @makaylamclovin


photo: @mekdesmersha

bob raxchel

photo: @rachelyampolsky

dianna lopez

photo: @_diannalopez


photo: @harmonicurls


photo: @valentinavoight

Before you take the strong bob plunge, consider:

  • How you accessorize
  • How you wear your makeup
  • How you part your hair
  • What products you use to style
  • How often you get your ends trimmed
  • If you are afraid of commitment
  • How versatile you’re willing to be
  • If you are high or low maintenance when it comes to styling

This information will be valuable when talking to your stylist during your consultation. You want whatever hairstyle you choose to ultimately suit your lifestyle, otherwise you aren’t setting yourself up for success.

How to sleep with a strong bob

We receive a lot of questions from curlies with short hair about how they can pineapple their hair when they go to sleep, in order to achieve second day hair.

You need:

  • A satin or silk pillowcase
  • A satin or silk headwrap
  • A satin or silk bonnet
  • A hair tie
  • Bobby pins

Take your scrunchie hair tie, gather the curls at the top of your head and put them into a loose ponytail (AKA a pineapple”>. For the shorter pieces of face-framing hair and baby hair around the hairline that cannot go into the pineapple, use the bobby pins to place them closer to the head and prevent from moving around at night. Place the pin with the ridged side facing down and towards the head at the end of the curl, not mid-length. Wrap a satin or silk headwrap around the crown of your head and cover the pineapple length with a satin or silk bonnet for extra protection.

Would you ask your stylist for the strong bob?

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Editor’s Note: This article has been updated to include primarily photos of curly, coily and wavy hair.

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