Hide that frizz that just won't go away with these fab and easy curly hair styles.

Distract With Accessories

Stana Katic

When all else fails, pull out those hair accessories and get to being creative! Our favorite by far are scarves. They can do everything! Don't believe us? Check out our favorite way to wear a scarf!

The best way to rock a scarf year-round is the same way your grandmother used to — the retro way! This will keep the wind out of your hair, your ears warm and keep the frizz away from onlookers.

  1. To begin, part your hair on the side and twist the larger section back. Pin your hair up in the back with bobby pins.
  2. Grab your favorite satin scarf and fold it into a triangle. Place one of the corner on your head, facing forward, and hold the other two corners in each of your hands.
  3. Pull the scarf back a bit on your head, allowing the twist to show — this hair will be left out of the scarf. Then, pull the two corners in your hands up and tie them, making sure the corner on your head is left in front of the tie that your create with the other two corners.
  4. As you make a bow with the two corners, pull the corner point on your head back and allow the knot to hold it in place. Finally, tuck the ends into the two flaps that have been created on either side of the scarf. Use bobby pins to hold the scarf in place in really windy weather.

Want More?

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Final Thoughts

Whichever curly hair styles you choose, you may want to “dress up” a few tendrils with a shiny pomade, too. Pomades are good at hiding frizz and adding shine, and a little goes a long way. You can also keep a small container in your purse or a drawer in your desk at work.



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