Everything about college is complicated, from the homework assignments to the lectures. Thankfully, your hair care doesn’t have to be! Simplify your routine with these quick, but long-lasting curly hairstyles that will take the guesswork out of hair care for up to a week.


So many options, one great style!

Sock Bun

This bun is created by placing the hair in a ponytail, then winding a sock around the ponytail. The hair is then placed over the sock to hide it, creating the round shape of the bun. A thin hair band is then placed over the sock and the hair to keep the hair in place. Tuck excess hair under the round shape of the bun.

Southern Tease Bun

To accomplish this look, pull hair back in to a low ponytail, and then take the end of the tail and pull it up to the center of your head. Holding the tail in place, pull one side of your hair back into the same place. Holding both this side and the tail in place, repeat the process on the other side. Pin the hair in place at the axis point (where the tail and two side pieces of hair are positioned). This will create a low bun look, that will look like you spent a lot longer than you actually did!

Moving Bun

Why not try to play around with the placement of your bun for more interest? To be more sophisticated and chic, attempt a high bun or top knot and gather your hair at the very top of your head so your bun will be higher. However, if you want the more relaxed girly girl look, do the low bun by gathering your hair at the nape of your neck, or the side bun by gathering your hair at either side of your head. Also, if its one of those lazy days, then try pulling out a few strands out of your bun to give it a more messy I-just-got-out-of-bed look.

Double Bun

Start with soaking wet hair in the shower, and separate hair into two sections. Then create three big twists on each side, six in total. Once out of the shower, let the twists out and rake your product through to define the curls. Then, section out a 1 to 2 inch chunk of hair at your face and flat twist it. Gather the twist and loose hair into a ponytail holder, pull through twice and secure with bobby pins. Repeat on the opposite side. Use this pictorial how-to to see how it is done.

Maintaining the Style

The key to keeping this style for at least a week is starting off with moisturized hair, so lay on the moisturizer to avoid dry frizzy hair mid week. Also, in order to maintain this style, you will need to tie your hair down at night. I suggest using a silk scarf to tie down the crown, and a bonnet to keep the rest of your hair covered. I know that this is not the cutest bedtime look, but sleeping out on a satin pillowcase will mean having to redo the bun every morning. Trust me, you will want the extra twenty minutes of rest in the A.M.

Twists & Braids

Not just for your pre-teen girl anymore!

Many women adore these curly hairstyles since they last a long time. Once done, this style can last for upwards of a week- some curlies even leave them in for a month!

Maintaining the Style

Being able to rock this look for an extended period requires that the braids or twists be installed properly from day one. Start of with a clean scalp and overly moisturized hair as you do not want to have to re-moisturize and cleanse too early on which will cause frizz. Also, do rope twists instead of regular twists to help them last longer and cut back on frizz. Rope twists are done by coiling the two sections of the hair prior to twisting them. This binds the hair more to keep the frizz at bay and causes the twists to have a twirlier, cuter look.

You could sleep on a satin pillowcase and call it a day  or night. However, I highly suggest using a silk scarf to keep the twists in one position while you sleep as the friction between them could cause frizz. Also, the scarf helps to keep the braids or twists in a downward position so they don’t stick out at weird angles come the following morning.


Quick, easy and long-lasting!

It may seem weird that I’m suggesting these curly hairstyles, but a wash-n-go is perfect for a college curly on the go. For the most part, a wash-n-go can be done quite quickly. Also, unlike styles like twists, braid outs or curler sets that require a whole day of being locked inside the house while your hair dries, a wash-n-go can be worn out while it dries. As the days wear on, a wash-n-go only gets more gorgeous, as the curls loose the crunch and the hair swells. The way to rock a wash-n-go for an entire week is by wearing it out for the first few days then pulling it up by either doing a pony-puff using a stretched headband or a big messy ponytail or bun using a hair tie. This style will help you to have a new look every few days without having to go through the whole routine of washing and styling.

Maintaining the Style

Normally I wouldn't condone crunchy hair on day one, but in the name of longevity I would suggest using a tad bit more product to have really defined hair from the start. This will help to control the frizz so that as the week wears on, you do not end up with a puff ball.


Not only for formal occasions.

No, I'm not talking about the super formal curly hairstyles for proms and weddings! I’m talking about the cute messy updos easily created with a light hold gel and a few bobby pins. This style is so effortless and perfect for pulling the hair back to showcase your gorgeous face and getting the hair off of the neck for the hotter months. Try grabbing small sections of hair and loosely twirling, twisting or braiding them, then pinning them at the center of your head or base of your neck.

Maintaining the Style

With this style, a good hair gel is a must. Try to find something that gives good hold without the crunch or flake factor. Also, you will need to scarf it at night to ensure that everything stays in place. However, if things start to droop or fall, just grab another bobby pin and put it back into place.

Extra Insight

  • Test products to see what works best with your hair type. Crunchy curly hair looks fake, and it isn't! So, avoid the crunch factor whenever possible.
  • Do you have cool, easy and long-lasting curly hairstyles you love? Tell me about them. After all, it is all about love peace and curly hair bliss.

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