Holiday hair styles just wouldn't be complete without something rocking. Something that will get you on ABC when the ball drops in Times Square. No, scratch that — WHILE the ball drops!

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Naturally, this style has to be pretty easy, but look like it took hours so that you can walk your sexy self through Times Square and right up to Barbara Walters and say, "Hey! I modeled for Vogue last month. They said I could meet you here for the interview."

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What do models wear best, after all, than a hairstyle that grabs attention? Something like, oh I don't know, a mohawk?

Now don't go freaking out. This isn't going to be an article about big chopping the majority of your hair just to get a mohawk look for New Year's Eve.

  1. Flip your head and coils upside down. Then, beginning at the nape of your neck, take about five to six pieces of your hair and cross it over to the other side.
  1. Continue switching sides and crossing the hair over from side to side, adding hair in as your reach the top. If you are familiar with French braiding, it is very similar, except that you are not braiding — just crossing.
  2. When you get to the top, take two bobby pins and secure the crossed-braid right in the middle. Be sure to make an X formation with the bobby pins for optimal hold.
  3. Then, flip hair back over and part all of the remaining top portion to the side. Use a pomade, if needed, to keep the coils in place, but still touchable.

Keep in mind that you can do whatever you like with the top portion of hair. Style it how you like it best. For this particular model, she liked the side part better.

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