Finding Your Signature Hairstyle

2012-09-21 13:16:16

Finding Your Signature Hairstyle

The true iconic beauties are the ones who stick to their guns.

Your hair can help you project who you really are. When you look in the mirror, I want you to be able to say, “My hair represents who I am.” That’s very important because people read you by your hair very quickly.

The reason hair is so important to fashion shows is because, when the girls first walk out, the editors look at the hair and shoes straight away to decipher the message the designer is trying to get across. It’s a very quick indicator of what is about to happen.

To find your individuality and signature style, it’s very important to look at yourself differently. Try to strip away any preconceived ideas of what you “should” look like.

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It sounds strange, but look long and hard in the mirror and sit with yourself. Pull your hair up and to the side and down and all around. Think about it: When does your hair make you feel happy? When do you feel the most comfortable? When do you feel most beautiful? Really be honest with yourself.

Experiment with your beauty — experiment with your hair. Somewhere along the way you’ll stumble upon what’s really you. If you never take chances with your beauty, with your hair color, your haircut or a new style, you’re never going to find out who you truly are. It doesn’t have to be an earth-shattering change — sometimes it can be as simple as switching your part from one side of your head to the other.

It’s very hard to let yourself stick out, because we’re not sure. It’s easy to blow dry your hair instead of leaving it curly and wild because you know that if it’s straight and shiny people will say you have pretty hair. But you might have lovely wavy, coarse, thick hair that could look beautiful if left natural.

Like I said in my past column, there’s no right or wrong hair. We’re so open nowadays — natural hair, very “done” hair, sleek and straight, punk, dreads, pixie — it doesn’t matter. It’s not an era like the fifties where we’re all stuck in the same look. The only ruts we get stuck in are the ones we bring on ourselves.

The women we look at as iconic are the ones who are happy with their style, whatever it may be. That is when we think: “Wow, I wish I could feel like that.”

What a fantastic affirmation to think that someone could be thinking that about you.

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