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Not everyone wants or even loves messy curls. While may spend hours getting the perfect messy bun, others find messiness…well, messy! To each her own and we love you for loving what you want. Wearing curly hair down can be a challenge as it has a mind of its own on most days. Updos and ponytails can cause damage if it is held tight or restricted for a long period of time, so finding a solution to having less messy hair days while rocking it down is a concern for some like Matilda.Van  . She hit up the Curly Q&A  about a solution to messy hair.


Help I need ideas for how to wear my hair down. I'm 30 and would like to show off my curls by wearing them down but they look messy and unprofessional if I wear them down how can I tidy it up. I don't like the part being visible and I don't really like a quiff.


Curly hair is just as professional as straight hair but as we all have preferences, you may just need help maintaining curl definition. Quite often when hair does not have uniform curls it appears messy or out of control. I get it. Here are some tips on how to gain control of your curls and make you feel good about wearing it down.

Get a new haircut

A cut is a change many women love, as it gives them a new look and also cleans up any split ends, outgrown color, or damaged hair. While a cut is a real change, it offers many who suffer from too much volume a chance to calm things down and feel back in control of their hair. The Ouidad cut removes bulk, and if that is your problem then that may be the route to take. Discussing with a curly cutting specialist is the perfect way to determine if what you are seeking can be achieved by a cut, so check out curly salons and book a consultation to see if volume is your problem and how that can be fixed with the perfect cut. Also, make sure to tell the stylist you do not like a visible part as they should be able to help you find a style to eliminate that issue.

Try a trim

Not everyone is looking to drastically change their look or willing to cut off several inches to clean up their hair. Often a simple trim is all that is needed for the ends to curl appropriately. When you have raggedy or split ends there is frizz and a lack of curl uniformity, so if it is has been a long time since your last trim and your ends are looking haggard, book an appointment for one with a curly cutting specialist and see if that helps.

Calm down the messiness

What we perceive as messiness with curly hair is often just frizz or volume. Trying products that fight frizz like serums are a popular way to fight hair that is out of control, but the best ways to fight frizz is to thoroughly hydrate the hair, use a cotton tee or a microfiber towel to dry hair, protect hair at night, and use stylers specifically created for smoothing the hair.

Enhance your definition

Curls that are uniform always look better but quite often we have varying degrees of curls on our head. How to fix it? Well, you can do two-strand twists, braid-outs, Bantu knots, flexirods, or roller sets. They will all give your curls a uniform curl and make the hair appear more defined and tidy.