Wash and go’s do not typically last very long, so when it is time to get active, it can be a troubling decision. Do I workout or wait until it is time to redo my hair? We all want to keep our hair looking good for as long as possible, but we still have to exercise so, what's a girl to do when she wants to preserve her wash and go while maintaining her fitness. To answer that question here are a few tips to keep your hair in tact while you maintain your figure when working out.


This tried and true technique will keep your style in tact for the most part, but it definitely does not work for every hairstyle or length. For instance if you run, your hair will get bigger and frizzy due to the movement. However, if you are working out on machines at the gym then the pineapple will suffice just fine.

Loose buns or puffs

This technique involves constructing a loose but secure bun all the way at the top or rear of your head. Not only does it keep your hair out of your face, it protects it from being blown around too much. Of course, you cannot do this will all curly and coily hairstyles and lengths but for a dry, set wash and go, you should have no problems as long as it is not too tight. For medium length hair, consider two side puffs or side buns.


For those that sweat a lot, wearing a workout headband along with the former two styling options (i.e. the pineapple and loose buns) is a great option to keep the moisture under control and keep your wash and go intact. Plus, no one wants products to run down their faces! Wearing a headband could help prevent acne. 

Wake up and go

Well, maybe not wake up and walk out of the house exactly how you slept, but something similar. This technique involves wearing a scarf much like you would when you sleep. If you can make a cute head wrap or have a cute hair scarf tying technique that works very well for preserving your hair longer, then do that!

The combination

Sometimes different types of exercise require different protection techniques. You may have to tie your hair back differently when you are running versus doing club Pilates or yoga. Whatever the case any one of these techniques can help you when you want a good workout and still maintain your desired look.

The pineapple works well for me while exercising. My main objective when working out is to keep my hair contained and out of the way. If I do that is does not get messed up. Another option that works for me is a carefully and loosely constructed bun. This technique is used when my style is set well and the short time that it is in a bun will not affect it. The pineapple comes in handy when I am on those Pilates machines.

 How do you preserve your wash and go while exercising?