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With winter wreaking havoc on the weather, finding the right styles for your curls takes a little extra preparation and thought. When the weather forecast calls for a serious case of the flurries - or worse - another bomb cyclone, having a few tried and true snow day hairstyles is always a good idea to get you through the season in style. Here are 5 styles to break out of a rut when cold weather strikes.

1. Wrap Up

Depending on how extreme the weather is in your area, it may be time to wrap up your curls for a style that is pretty and protective all in one. Wrap styles are actually one of the more versatile choices because there are so many ways to wrap your curls. Here is a tutorial to help you master three different wrapping techniques to achieve this winter-friendly look:

Here are 45 more ways to wear a headwrap.

2. Heatless Winter Braid Out

Winter can be drying for our hair as is, so you don't want to add to that by heat styling your hair. When you want a look that offers body and texture without taking on the extra damage of heat tools, these heatless curls are the way to go. This is an easy overnight look, so you wake up with beautiful winter curls perfect for the office or a day of fun.

3. Winter Wash and Go

A wash and go is a staple for most naturals, so when looking at snow day hairstyles, don't count this one out just yet. This is such an easy way to get a great look to last throughout the day, so you want to look for ways to make it more winter friendly. The key here is thick cremes for lasting hydration. Here is a quick video of achieving a winter wash and go:

4. High Puff with Faux Bangs

A high puff is one of the easiest looks to pull off in any season. When you want a twist on the high puff complete with faux bangs, this video has you covered:

5. Winter Protective Style

Since winter can be a little harsh on your strands, it is important to have a protective style to keep your curls healthy during those harsh snow days. With this look, your ends are safely tucked in to avoid any damage while also giving you a pretty style that is easy to achieve.

If you're going to be covering up with a hat or scarf, keep in mind that the material will likely be rubbing up against your curls, so opt for satin-lined accessories whenever possible.

How are you wearing your hair in the extreme cold?

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