I am obsessed with pony puffs, and if there is one style that is always in my rotation, this is it. For as long as I can remember, I have always felt more comfortable pulling my hair back and away from my face with buns and ponytails when I was relaxed, and now that I'm natural, with pony puffs. But always doing the same style can get monotonous and make a natural a very dull girl. Here's how I jazz up my traditional pony puff with a simple lattice hair band.

Lattice Hair Headband

For this style all you will need is a rattail comb, a strip of cloth or stretched head band and small claw clips.

  1. To begin, I separated a thin section of hair at the very front of my head using a rattail comb and parting from ear to ear. I then used a strip of cloth to tie back the rest of my hair (you can use whatever you normally use to create your pony puffs).
  2. I separated a small section from my loose hair and twisted it until there was about an inch and a half of twisted hair. I continued to section off my hair and partially twist those sections until no loose hair remained. You may need to clip or pin each twist so they will not unravel while you are working.
  3. I took one section from one twist and another section from the twist next to it and pulled back and held those two sections together whilst I secured them to my head with a small claw clip in the middle of the twists.
  4. I continued to join sections of adjacent twists and secure them with the claw clips until there was no loose hair remaining.

What you think about adding this hairstyle to your stash?