Quick & Easy Natural Hairstyles for Headbands

2011-11-11 12:45:49

Quick & Easy Natural Hairstyles for Headbands

Make the most out of your accessories with these simple hairstyles for headbands.

Kinky (Type 4)

Naturally Curly reader Cashmere.

As kinky haired curlies, we have rocked a pony puff at least once with our natural hairstyles. To jazz up this look, try searching through your stash for a wide and stiff headband or tiara. It cannot be the thin cloth kind as it simply won't work.

Here are some tips for getting the most out of this look:

  1. Style your hair into a pony puff, then grab your headband or tiara and place it on the crown of your head like you normally would. However, instead of leaving it there continue to slide it back until it surrounds the base of your puff.
  2. To finish the look, gently pull on your curls and spread them around the puff to hide the sides and back of the headband or tiara. Just like that, you turned an average puff into a regal updo.


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