Ouidad, The Queen of Curls, answers your curly hair questions

Dear Ouidad: I feel like I need something to pull my curls down. They curl up too tight to me . . . what would be something good to use to elongate while controlling frizz?? I want to use products that work best in my hair and let it dry naturally or with a diffuser without have to twist my hair!!! Ugh!! Can you tell I'm frustrated??

A: I suggest trying a gentle Softening Treatment to loosen the curl and give definition. Also, one of my favorite combinations to create healthy-looking, frizz-free curls is a Moisture Lock Leave-In Conditioner and Climate Control Heat & Humidity Gel. Pairing a leave-in conditioner and anti-frizz styling gel together is a good combo to tame tighter curls and smooth flyaways. Style by applying the leave-in conditioner evenly through damp hair (adding a little more to the ends to weigh down curls and keep ends frizz-free) then use my Rake & Shake technique to apply Climate Control Gel.


I tried that after wanting longer curls. big mistake. after growing my hair with the relaxer woke up one morning and missed my curls, picked up the scissors and off it went. The big chop again. Never again. Even went so far as to cut the relaxer off my daughters hair. We were done.

CSI: Thanks for the information. I used to go to Ouidad in the past, too. I was really hoping that a nonchemical method was going to be suggested. If not, just call it a relaxer.

Softening treatment is better known as a texturizer or in simply terms: chemicals, lye, relaxer. Ouidad promotes that so does Miss Jessie's but they call it a silkener...same thing, different name. After going to the Ouidad Shop in NY back in 2003 when I decided to no longer relax my hair that's what was suggested to me. I wish I had never gone because I would've been all natural now for at least 7 years. Instead I just have a year and a half but it's ok. It was a good lesson. I now know that my natural hair is way better than that texturizer and I will never be tempted to do it now. With patience and length your hair will elongate on it's own. Patience is a virtue :)

What are the ingredients included in this softening treatment? Definitely considering this for summer this year......