[caption id="attachment_155864" align="alignnone" width="650" caption="Photo Courtesy of Kazzakova -- Getty Images"][/caption] We are forever looking for symmetry in our hair. It just makes sense, but oftentimes it has nothing to do with our DNA and more to do with our manipulation. Curly girl Lexxitorres97 inquired about different hair textures on one head and how to handle it in our Curly Q&A section. 


Is there a way to get my top curls as tight & curly as my bottom curls?

The bottom half of my hair is curlier & tighter than the top half of my hair. The bottom is like 3c & the top is like 3b. I'm sure you'll be able to tell in the pictures [below]. I did notice that the curls are mostly straighter in the top half of the middle-back portion of my hair. (If that makes sense) the top half, front curls are pretty curly but still not as curly as the bottom half. Anyway, is there any way that I can get all of my curls like the bottom ones? I usually deep condition & do a coconut oil treatment once-twice a month. Would it help them to do it more often? I love all of my curls but I just like the bottom ones more so I'd be a happy camper if I could get all of them like that. Thanks in advance!


I am happy you love all of your curls, but I get your plight. There are a few reasons why we have different textures on the same head; it could simply be DNA, but it could also be attributed to different types of damage to the hair. We manipulate the top or front of our hair the most, because we can see it. It just makes sense that we often have a different pattern at the front or top of our head because of this very reason. Here are a couple of easy fixes to get that front more like the back and middle of your head.

Create tighter curls

You did not share how you typically style your hair, but it seems you may wash & go. If so, the easiest way to get your front to mirror your back is by creating a tighter curl in the front. You can do this by placing the front of your hair in pin curls while it dries and allowing the back to hang naturally. You can also just scrunch the front more when applying conditioner and styler. Try Bantu knots in the front at night to give them a curlier look for morning. Try all techniques out to see which one(s) actually do the job.

Create a uniform curl all over

This is an easier way to ensure all of your curls are uniform. Simply place hair in Bantu knots, pin curls, twists, or braids all over your head and release in the morning for a consistent curl pattern. You can also create smaller sections in the front of the head for even tighter curls where you need them the most and try the different techniques to see which yield the curls you like the most.

Either method will help give you more symmetry in your curls without using heat. Remember, if you want the opposite effect where you get the back looser to mirror the front, simply manipulate and detangle more so that it will start to loosen up some. Be gentle and cautious about how often you manipulate your hair, so as not to cause damage and make your textures even more challenging to blend.