That's what Taylor Swift is doing! She recently announced her new look via Twitter simply saying, "Got a haircut," then debuted a new straight-haired look topped off with a flirty fringe at the Billboard and Crest 3D White's "Women in Music" event.

Swift says she's opting for bangs right now because she tends to wear her hair straight in the winter, which presents a good opportunity to rock the style.

Bangs have long been a controversial style in the curly community as they can have great potential to turn perfect curls into a puff-o-frizz disaster. If done correctly, however, bangs can also create a fashion-forward and distinct style for curls. Swift does make a good point in clipping her bangs for winter as the drier, cooler season can be prime time for smoothing out those curls. Here are a few tips for rocking curly bangs this winter!

Curly Hair & Bangs Can Mix!

  1. Go Straight. Like Taylor, you can capitalize on the dry air to straighten those curls for the winter and cut a straight cropped bang. Make sure to prevent split ends and damage by doing frequent deep conditionings, and use a heat protectant before blow drying and flat ironing.
  2. Go half-way. Depending on your curl pattern, you can straighten your bangs and style the rest as usual, keeping your natural texture. Check out this great article on how to create a lot of fun looks with this multi-textured approach.
  3. Keep the curls. Of course there is the oh-so-obvious way of rocking curls and bangs by keeping the bangs curly! File this technique under D for "Do Not Try This At Home!" Make sure to have a professional stylist cut your bangs while they are in their curly state so that they're not clipped too bluntly or too short. Side swept bangs are a great option here.
  4. Fake it! If you want the bang, but don't want to commit to the cut, use bobby pins to give you a faux-swoop that will imitate the look of the bang and keep your length. Or, use this quick and easy hat and ponytail technique for a bolder temporary fringe. Most beauty supply stores also sell a clip in bang that you incorporate into you styling regimen as you please!

Final Thoughts

As a leader in curl-style, we're bound to see a lot of curly bangs soon! What do you think, are you going to rock them?