Natural Hair Blogger Meechy Monroe has Passed Away

“I am broken. Rest up sis.” – msvaughntv

What Your Hair Can Tell You About Your Health

While we may know what healthy hair looks and feels like, do you know the signs of your overall health that your hair might be trying to tell you?

Will My Hair Grow Back After Chemotherapy?

We spoke with experts and chemotherapy patients to paint a well-rounded picture of what you can expect.

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No matter how many deficits you count, there are often more assets.

How to Find Your Superpower Through Emotional Expression

It took me some time, but I finally learned to embrace my vulnerability and stop caring about what others perceived as a sign of weakness.

Why This CEO Is Sharing Her Breast Cancer Story on Social Media

“When I first was diagnosed, my doctor asked me when could I start chemotherapy. I told them I had a meeting with Target on 3/22 that I had to look good for.”

My Battle With Chronic Anxiety

I realized life is just too pretty to be afraid all the time.

How Chemo Affected My Transition

I was a long term transitioner until 2011, when I lost all of my hair while undergoing chemotherapy.

How to Grow Hair After Chemo + Giveaway

Have you or has someone you know lost their hair to illness or treatment of an illness?

Ouidad's Fight Against Breast Cancer

In 2002 I was diagnosed with the same disease, at the same age, as was my mom.

2-Ingredient Hair Growth Juice

Add cucumber to your grocery basket to help your hair grow.

Pregnancy and Your Hair

Pregnancy can be like a science experiment when it comes to your body, and especially your hair, which can get thicker and longer.

Hair Regrowth and Stem Cell Research

Prevent hair loss and increase your regrowth with this doctor’s expert advice.

Does Hair Stop Growing at Terminal Length?

Is there a defined growth limit to your hair? And what can you do to change it? Curly Myth Busters explore terminal length.

Why Can't I Grow My Hair Long?

Can’t grow your hair long? Procter & Gamble hair and skin researcher Rolanda Johnson Wilkerson explains why.

Don’t Let That Water Weight Fool You!

As you begin a weight-loss program, your body can fool you each time you step on the scale—water weight can be tricky. Stick with it, and you’ll eventually be rewarded!

Lose Weight and Improve Your Hair!

With the right diet, you can kill two birds with one stone!

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