There seems to have always been an emphasis on long hair rather than healthy hair, am I right?


Long hair can show status and health among other things, but why can't we have long and healthy hair? It's possible.

As a natural hair and green living blogger at, I know there are tons of people out there within my niche. One of the things I get fired up about is content. I'm not just about helping you achieve the perfect style, but strong hair is the No. 1 priority. Here are 10 tips to growing your healthiest hair:

1. Skipping regular deep conditioning

If you are the one complaining about dry, crunch curls, you will definitely want to include this self-care act into your haircare routine. While there are several deep treatment masks on the market, look for ones with moisturizing ingredients you can pronounce.

2. Combing from roots to ends

Growing up, I now know my mother had no idea how to comb black, kinky hair. She would always start at the root and pull through. This is totally incorrect and causes tons of breakage. Start at your ends and work your way up.

3. Not using oil when you detangle

Have you broken a comb lately or dread wash day just because you know you'll have to detangle - meet the art of oil rinsing. It's pouring oil over your curls and then rinsing right after conditioning. It cuts your detangling time in half.

4. Putting off trims

No everyone's hair grows at the same speed, so be sure not to trim just because you feel like you should. Take a look at your ends and ask yourself these questions: "Are they much rougher than other parts of my hair?" "Are they uneven and full of single-strand knots?" (If you were wondering, I only trim about three to four times a year.)

5. Not using clay

Not only will a clay mask boost your hair's moisture levels, they also are perfect for making your curls pop.

6. Wearing the same style for too long

Long story short, don't wear your ponytail or bun in the same position for too long. Doing so will cause lots of tension and stress, which could lead to breakage. If you wear a low ponytail one week, wear a higher one the next.

7. Relying on products

It doesn't matter how many hair products you buy, your hair and skin is a direct reflection of your body's health, so it's important that you feed it nutritious foods. Want glowing skin and healthy hair? Increase your water intake and seek foods with vitamins and minerals.

8. Don't forget your scalp!

We focus sometimes so much on our ends, that we forget about the importance of moisturizing the scalp. Give it a massage every now and then -- here's how.

9. Overlooking the ingredients label

I recommend sticking to ingredients you can pronounce and understand. Remember, the first five ingredients are the most important. Learn how to read the label on your product.

10. Comparing your curls to someone else's

They say curl comparison is the thief of joy. Don't worry about what everyone else is doing or what their hair looks like. Concentrate on what makes your beautiful.

If you're wondering what some of my favorite products are to maintain healthy hair, here you go!

Thermal Hair Care Posh Hot Head: $30 (Great for intensifying your deep conditioner)

Q-Redew Handheld Hait Steamer: $78 (While pricy, it helps you restyle and moisturize without washing again)

Honey Baby Naturals Knot My Honey Instant Detangler: $12 (Awesome detangler)

What do you do to maintain healthy naturally coily hair?

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