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It's no surprise that the foods we eat play a big role in the health and appearance of our curls.

And yes, that means even the most time crunched and picky curlistas need to suck it up, step up to the plate, and eat their veggies in order to have their hair live its best life...unless of course they've got access to power juice recipies and a good sturdy juicer. How else can you get the benefits your hair needs without disrupting your diet or schedule? With DIY juices, it's just a blend and slurp away from the comforts of your own kitchen! And we've got two great power juices for hair health that will ensure you get the nutrients you need for gorgeous, healthy strands on deck just for you!

One word of caution before we start, curlies—it's important to note that these juices should not be the only source of nutrition in your diet.

In fact, Philip Kingsley's salons, following the teachings of the man who coined the phrase "bad hair day" reports, "Your hair cells, as well as the cells throughout your body, need a balance of proteins, complex carbohydrates, iron, vitamins and minerals to function at their best." Take that advice to heart, and don't guilt yourself about the need to feed, post-holiday meal bloating notwithstanding.

Sailing the High C's

This power juice is a real life saver as far as your curls are concerned since it's packed with nutrients your hair needs to stay healthy that not all of your other food has. We're getting down to garden basics with nothing but cucumber and carrot. Cucumbers are loaded with things like potassium, silica, sulfur, and manganese that can help keep hair strong, promote growth, and give your skin a boost, too! Carrots are packed with beta-carotene which is what the body needs to create and absorb vitamin A. With enough vitamin A, you get a healthy scalp and strong hair!To make this concoction, you can either make equal parts carrot to cucumber in the juicer or you can tailor it to taste. If you like it milder and sweeter, use more cucumber than carrot. If you prefer to be more bold and rich, add more carrot! What's up, curl doc...

Gaia's Greens

There is no denying that leafy greens have tons of health and beauty benefits. Now you can make your salad even more portable! Kale and spinach are the two leading sources of necessary nutrients in the green food group. Rich in vitamins A, B, C, E, and K, as well as iron and calcium, these leafy powerhouses can give your hair a boost by helping to regulate the production of oils, encourage scalp circulation, and help with hair loss. They're also both loaded with iron which has a host of health benefits including improving circulation for youthful skin, and encouraging hair growth by ensuring the scalp has plenty of blood flow. To make this drink, you can choose to use either spinach or kale as your base or use a mix of both to get the full benefits. Simply juice about a half a cup of spinach, 3-4 leaves of kale, and a half an apple for added sweetness without too many added calories. If you like it a little sweeter, feel free to add more apple to the mix. They keep the doctors away after all.

Are you new to juicing?

These power juice recipies might seem a little daunting at first glance, but you really can't beat some good vegetable based hydration. Plus, as you get more advanced with your home blending, you can feel free to throw in variants on these more basic formulas with additions like mint leaves, ginger, garlic, and pineapple! Just be sure to check your fruit based ingredients for any added sugar if you're getting them packaged or frozen. You want your juice to be good AND good for you after all!

Do you have any favorite juice recipies, curlies? Share your wisdom in the comments! And be sure to stay tuned as our editors take on a sugarless challenge in the new year to test its effects on their own curls and coils!

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