’60s and ’70s Diva

Bigger, Higher, Better

In the 60’s and 70’s, big hair was in, and not just for our tightly coiled sisters. Think Farrah Fawcett, Karen Carpenter and Juice Newton.

To create these iconic, curly hairstyles, try doing a wash-and-go and allow your curls to naturally get bigger as the days wear on. You can also do a twist/braid out and fluff it out until you have more volume than definition.

For added interest, try using spray hair color to add a few gold streaks since gold was very popular back then. If your hair is wavier, you can also try creating a bouffant, which was very popular in that era, by GENTLY teasing some of the underlying layers of hair at your crown.

As always, big hair has a big enemy – gravity. Be sure to spray that mane with firm holding hairspray to keep the style in place all night long! Try something like Tigi Bed Head Hard Head Hairspray.

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