While there are many products out there for your friends with wavy and curly hair, there are a number of inspirational gifts you can come up with by adding a little creativity and some handcrafted elements.

1. A Whole Hair Journal Kit

Your friends may be trying new ideas and techniques. They like certain looks and colors. Why not create a kit with a journal made just for them?

Find a plain journal and decorate the cover with a special photo or hand drawn picture or painting. Inside, include cut outs of pics they like, links to try out and encouraging curly quotes for inspiration. Know your friends’ style and find photos that define their type 2 waves, type 3 curls or type 4 kinks. Pinterest, NaturallyCurly, Etsy and even Facebook are great sites to search for ideas, pics, and more!

Attach a pretty ribbon and tie a pen to the end so one is always available. Insert a pouch or pocket where they can store cut out articles, ads and other odds and ends. Don’t forget to sign the cover or leave a note of inspiration inside too!

2. Make it in a Mug

Find a plain mug and decoupage pretty patterned papers or pictures onto it. Go online and look for quotes about beauty, curly hair, style, etc. Keep in mind your friends’ style and curl type. Look for hints and ideas for their hair type. NaturallyCurly.com and CurlyNikki.com are great resources.

Type up the quotes, hints and ideas on a plain Word-type document. Keep them smaller in font and lay them out so 15-20 cover a page. Cut them out in strips and place them in the mug. If you have time, layer the typed sheet on cardstock (to reinforce the slips and make them look a little prettier”> then cut them out and fill the mug.

You may want to add a wide-toothed comb or pretty shower soap in the mug too. Tie it with some yarn, ribbons and a little personalized note to finish.

3. Get Knifty

If you know how to knit or crochet, you can make hats, caps and headbands for your friends. Loose fitting crocheted caps and hats are great for girls with curls! They help keep hair softer and frizz-free during the cold, winter months.

For type 2 waves, knitted headbands (adjustable”> are great gifts. Embellish them with floral elements or other fun stitches. For type 3 curls, loose fitting caps are a great choice. For type 4 kinks, knit hats and berets are fun and practical too.

If knitting and crocheting aren’t your skill-set, try your hand with a hot glue gun, some headbands and fabric flowers. Create a set of pretty headbands and/or barets, even a matching pin! Use flowers from a local craft shop or something vintage from your attic. Find ribbon and fabric to work with and layer into your masterpieces. Your friends will be thrilled to wear your artwork year-round!

4. Curly Hair Vision Board

Use a piece of thin chipboard, wood or corkboard. Paint or decorate the board with patterns, words or just a few pretty colors. Find photos of your friend with different stages of hairstyles. Pin them to the board (or use decorative tacks, clothespins, etc.”>

Make room for your friends to post future photos of themself and other photos they like and can see themselves trying out. A vision board can be a great place for inspiration. You may want to write or paint on  a few encouraging words as well.

5. Curly Hair Recipe Book

Although products may not be part of your gift, you may opt for homemade ideas. NaturallyCurly.com and CurlyNikki.com both have great homemade hair products and hair recipes for all hair types. Find a few that suit your friend and create a unique recipe book for them. Use an old album, a recipe file card box or make a mini book to store them in.

Type them on vintage note cards or paper. Decorate the album and recipes with drawings, photos, pictures or designs. Leave a personalized message for your friend with a date when the two of you will get together in the “lab” (kitchen”> and test some of them out for a day!

Want More?

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Final Thoughts

What fun homemade gifts are you making for your curly haired friends this year? Give us the deets and you might find yourself featured on NaturallyCurly.com!

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